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Safe Harbor and the EU – what you need to know about your IaaS cloud computing provider

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ProfitBricks started as a German company, meaning that we need to play by German rules and laws. So while we have a strong presence in the States and even operate out of a datacenter in Las Vegas, our data security and privacy philosophy are steeped in “Datenschutz”. That is, it’s steeped in German data protection laws (Datenschutz), which are even stricter […]

11 of our Favorite SysAdmin Day Jokes for #SysAdminDay


[“hip”, “hip”], July 31st is System Administrator Appreciation Day! aka #SysAdminDay Today, we celebrate all things SysAdmin, their contribution to the workplace and the wonderful job they do of keeping the ProfitBricks cloud servers and cloud storage facilities running smoothly. As some of you may know, there are only three times a year when us marketers speak to SysAdmins. The […]

Cloud Backup Solutions by Acronis at ProfitBricks


We are pleased to announce our partnership with Acronis, one of the industry-leaders in cloud backup solutions. With statistics showing that 60-70% of all businesses not protecting their critical data, it makes sense to partner with a complete and safe backup solution that has been designed especially for end-users and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). The partnership between ProfitBricks and Acronis […]

Gartner 2015 IaaS Magic Quadrant Mention for ProfitBricks!

Gartners Magic Quadrant for Cloud for ProfitBricks

Gartner has once again published the definitive resource for Cloud Computing IaaS buyers. For the third year, ProfitBricks has been highlighted in the Gartner IaaS Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for 2015. Gartner offers best in industry, knowledgeable advice on every sector of the IT industry – advising customers and businesses throughout their extensive reports and segments. With over […]

Amazon Releases AWS Margins – And They Really Are High


Now we all know. Amazon’s AWS margins are high—much higher in fact than its other businesses. I knew this. Back in July 2013, ProfitBricks was the first cloud service provider to expose the high margins of the IaaS business. We dropped our pricing to be less than ½ of what Amazon AWS charges for EC2, knowing that margins like that […]

Cloud Computing Pricing and Packaging – Are You Being Manipulated?


The 4 P’s – Pricing, Packaging, Promotion and Placement. Every business student has spent a great amount of time studying how these four factors drive the success of a product or service. From their first inception in 1960 by marketer E. Jerome McCarthy, the 4P’s have been the foundation of almost every offering, and in the technology space for decades […]

New Frankfurt Data Center Extends ProfitBricks Cloud Computing IaaS Footprint


Every data center professional and software architect has their vision of the perfect data center. When we founded ProfitBricks (in 2010), both Andreas Gauger and I knew that Cloud Computing options were extremely limiting and first generation in their approach. Prior to starting ProfitBricks, our years of experience in web scale hosting, and expertise in managed services and systems integration followed by Cloud Computing […]