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13 Cloud Experts Reveal the Most Important Factors in Evaluating Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Vendors

Nick Espinosa

Evaluating cloud infrastructure as a service providers can be challenging with many options, complex offerings, and other considerations. From compliance with regulatory requirements pertaining to data security to uptime concerns, availability of customer support, and more, not to mention navigating Service Level Agreements and making sense of the technology stack, it’s no surprise that many companies struggle with selecting the […]

15 MSP Pros Reveal What Their Customers Are Saying About Cloud Computing

Randal Wark

More and more SMBs are asking their MSP vendors to provide them cloud solutions to replace CAPEX and the associated hardware (Servers, Storage, Networks) to run applications and critical services such as inventory, ERP, custom apps, and more. MSPs, therefore, are faced with embracing cloud solutions and finding workable ways to integrate these offerings into their business model, often recommending solutions such as […]

Cloud Pros Reveal the Key Characteristics of a Successful Cloud Infrastructure Architect

Ari Weil

Cloud infrastructure architects have a challenging role, requiring knowledge of the latest technology and the skill to make complex systems and technology stacks function seamlessly. But the most successful cloud infrastructure architects recognize the importance of continuous learning to stay abreast of new developments and advancements in the field that can either improve infrastructure performance or streamline their working methods. To […]

Interviews on Cloud: Patricia Dugan, The New Stack


Our Interviews on Cloud video series from Structure Conference features interviews with influential cloud computing industry experts and thought leaders. In the latest video, ProfitBricks meets with Patricia Dugan, Director of Community Marketing & Business Development at the New Stack Founded in 2014 by Editor-in-Chief and tech journalist Alex Williams, the New Stack website features news and analysis about the […]

Interviews on Cloud: Brian Godsey, Founder at Unoceros

Interviews on Cloud: Unoceros

Next in our Interviews on Cloud video series from Structure Conference, where we interviewed several influential cloud computing industry experts and thought leaders, ProfitBricks introduces Brian Godsy, founder and data scientist at Unoceros. Interviews on Cloud: Brian Godsey, Founder at Unoceros Brian Godsey (@brian_godsey on Twitter), is founder and data scientist at Unoceros, a promising new startup looking to disrupt the cloud computing industry with their radical idea […]

Interviews on Cloud: Adam Wray, CEO of Basho

Basho Logo

In our new Interviews on Cloud video series, we profile many cloud computing thought leaders and luminaries who attended Structure Conference in San Francisco. So far, we’ve interviewed people like David Mytton of Server Density, Luke Kanies of Puppet Labs, and several others. In the interviews, these industry experts talk about the current state of the Internet Infrastructure space and share their thoughts about trends for […]

Interviews on Cloud: David Mytton of Server Density

Server Density Logo

Our recently launched Interviews on Cloud video series, we feature some of the industry’s most influential cloud computing thought leaders and luminaries. At Structure Conference in San Francisco, we interviewed a number of such people, like Jerry Chen of Greylock Partners, asking them to tell us what they think about the Internet Infrastructure space right now and their thoughts about upcoming trends in 2016. An […]