Big List of Top Cloud Computing Conferences & Events for 2016

As 2015 comes to a close, it is a good time to start planning your cloud computing conferences and events for 2016. If you’re really trying to be on top of your game for 2016, you’ll be sure to pencil in some cloud computing events on your new calendar. That’s because 90% of businesses use some form of cloud computing. And, the cloud industry is not projected to stop growing any time soon, with public IT cloud services spend expected to double, reaching an estimated $127 billion by 2018. Cloud storage and cloud computing are definitely here to stay.

If you want to learn more about the advancements in cloud computing and see how the cloud benefits consumers and businesses, attending one (or more) of the cloud computing events and conferences on our list is a great place to start. Some of the conferences that made the cut for our top cloud computing events in 2016 are in their inaugural stages, while others are beloved conferences that cloud engineers, cloud architects, cloud developers, cloud SysAdmins, and other professionals working with the cloud look forward to attending year after year.

Specifically, we chose cloud conferences that feature expert keynote speakers, industry leaders, and tracks that focus on the hottest cloud computing trends and innovations. Networking opportunities and technical sessions are at the heart of many of our cloud computing conferences and events, also, so that you can choose those that have the sessions most valuable for you and your cloud computing needs. We’ve also added a few Meetups – we do this becasue we hope it inspires you to attend your local meetups on Cloud Computing topics. Please note, we have listed our top cloud computing events and conferences for 2016 below, in no particular order.


1. Cloud Foundry Summit
May 24-26 2016
Santa Clara, CA

Cloud Foundry Summit

Cloud Foundry is a popular open source cloud computing platform (PaaS) that was developed in Ruby and Go is now owned by Pivotal Software. The annual event brings together developers, providers and users of this platform-as-a-service platform. In 2015, over 1,500 attendees gathered to hear Sam Ramji provide an update and engineers from Pivotal, Lockheed Martin and numerous others present the latest information and case studies.

Cost to Attend: Please note, prices reflect a limited-time 40% discount

  • Tickets are not avaialble for 2016 at this time, for 2015 they ranged from $200 to $350 USD

2. PuppetConf 2016
October 17-21
San Diego, CA


Registration is open now for PuppetConf 2016, a cloud computing event that will take place in San Diego, California, in October 2016. Join cloud computing and DevOps professionals, and other IT pros, for five days of best practices and trends in cloud computing, DevOps, IT automation, continuous delivery, and more. PuppetConf features hands-on training, a one-day Puppet Contributor Summit, free certification testing, and so many more opportunities for learning cloud computing.

Cost to Attend: Please note, prices reflect a limited-time 40% discount

  • PuppetConf ONLY Ticket (2+ Days: Oct. 19-21): $717
  • PuppetConf + Contributor Summit Ticket (3 Days: Oct. 19-21): $717
  • PuppetConf PLUS Intro to Puppet Training (3 Days: Oct. 19-21): $1,300
  • PuppetConf PLUS Puppet Architect Training (4 Days: Oct. 18-21): $2,000
  • PuppetConf PLUS Puppet Practitioner Training (5 Days: Oct. 17-21): $2,700
  • PuppetConf PLUS Puppet Fundamentals Training (5 Days: Oct. 17-21): $2,700

3. HotCloud ’16
June 20-21
Denver, CO

HotCloud 16

HotCloud ’16, the 8th USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing, is a workshop that is co-located with the 2016 USENIX Annual Testing Conference (ATC ’16). Attendees will join researchers and other practitioners working on cloud computing technologies to share their experiences, report on developments, discuss research, and identify emerging trends in cloud computing. Discussions also will focus on the challenges in cloud computing design, implementation, and deployment. HotCloud is open to all models of cloud computing, including in-house servers, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

4. Cloud Expo
June 7-9
New York City, NY
November 1-3
Santa Clara, CA

Cloud Expo

Cloud Expo takes place on the East Coast in New York City in June 2016 and on the West Coast in Santa Clara, California, in November 2016. No matter which you attend, you’ll experience cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, containers, microservices, DevOps, and WebRTC all at once. Attendees have the opportunity to learn about the latest technological developments and solutions in cloud computing during the technical and strategic industry keynotes, general sessions, breakout sessions, and signature Power Panels. Visit the exhibition floor with more than 100 exhibitors and the Demo Theater for a close-up look at the latest cloud computing technology.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

5. IEEE International Conference on Big Data Security on Cloud – BigDataSecurity 2016
April 9-10
New York City, NY

2nd IEEE International Conference on Big Data Security on Cloud Big Data Security 2016

Columbia University is home of the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Big Data Security on Cloud (BigDataSecurity 2016) in April 2016. Cloud computing is one of two concentrations at BigDataSecurity 2016, along with the security issues involved in applying Big Data for data mining, smart data, and data analysis. Keynote speakers for this cloud computing conference include Dr. Sun-Yuan Kung, IEEE Fellow of Princeton University and Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham, executive director of the Cyber Security Research Institute at the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

6. IEEE Cloud 2016
June 2016
Location TBA

IEEE Cloud 2016

The IEEE Computer Society, IEEE, and others sponsor IEEE Cloud 2016, an international conference on cloud computing that is a forum for researchers and practitioners looking to exchange the latest advances in cloud computing, identify emerging research topics, and define the future of cloud computing. Details for IEEE Cloud 2016 are in the works, so check back often for more information.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost


7. Oracle CloudWorld
January 20
New York, NY

Oracle CloudWorld

Oracle CloudWorld is a cloud computing event that aims to help participants “modernize your business” by offering content on modern approaches to boosting sales, building brands, supporting customers, planning effectively, creating apps, managing information, and more. Oracle CloudWorld attendees will have the opportunity to listen to distinguished keynote speakers explore new business opportunities afforded by the cloud.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

8. Dreamforce ’16
October 4-7
San Francisco, CA

Dreamforce 16

Dreamforce returns in 2016 with all-new keynote speakers, more than 400 partners in the Cloud Expo, more than 1,400 breakout sessions with content for every role, and some of “the biggest names in music rocking Dreamfest.” Salesforce’s annual user and developer conference, Dreamforce ’16 promises to be bigger and better than ever, while remaining true to its Innovation Keynotes and Product Keynotes. This cloud computing conference is known for its countless networking opportunities, thousands of solutions, and hard-hitting speakers.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

9. Cloud Connect @ Interop
May 2-6
Las Vegas, NV

Cloud Connect Interop

People flock to Interop to learn how to leverage network technology, and the Cloud Connect track is one of their most popular tracks. Cloud Connect @ Interop is a cloud computing event designed to help attendees realize the potential of cloud, choose the best cloud architectures and services for their businesses, and discover how cloud computing integrates into legacy systems and new initiatives. Interop Las Vegas takes place May 2-6, with the expo occurring May 4-5.

Cost to Attend:

  • 5 Day Pass: $2,899, Early Bird through March 18
  • 3 Day Pass: $2,099, Early Bird through March 18
  • 2 Day Pass: $1,799, Early Bird through March 18
  • Expo Plus Pass: $249, Early Bird through March 18

10. Defrag
Date TBA
Location TBA


With Defrag 2015 recently wrapping up in Broomfield, Colorado, it is still fresh in everyone’s minds as we plan for cloud computing conferences in 2016. Defrag has been a go-to cloud conference since the beginning, and it now is known for being “the intimate event for strategically-oriented technologists and C-level leaders.” Defrag discussions and sessions focus on cloud computing, APIs, mobile technologies, Big Data, DevOps, IoT, and next generation human-computer interaction. Check back for details so you can network, learn, and get inspired at Defrag 2016.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost


11. Strata + Hadoop World
March 28-31
San Jose, CA

Strata Hadoop World

Strata + Hadoop World is a cloud computing conference that is held in various locations around the globe. In 2016, Strata + Hadoop World will take place in San Jose, California, in March and New York City in September. Strata + Hadoop World is a Big Data and cloud computing conference with several tracks and events that immerse attendees in cutting-edge technologies relating to the cloud and Big Data.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

12. Data Center World Global Conference
March 14-18
Las Vegas, NV

Data Center World Global Conference

Data Center World is a data center and cloud computing conference billed as “the world’s largest data center industry show.” An event delivering vendor-neutral education, Data Center World Global Conference aims to provide practical solutions for data center and cloud computing professionals. Increased networking opportunities are making it even easier for Data Center World Global Conference attendees to make connections and gain insights from their peers.

Cost to Attend:

  • Premium Conference, AFCOM Member: $1,695
  • Premium Conference, Non-Member: $1,995
  • Standard Conference, AFCOM Member: $1,395
  • Standard Conference, Non-Member: $1,695


13. RSA Conference 2016 USA
February 29-March 4
San Francisco, CA

RSA Conference 2016 USA

RSA Conference 2016 USA is important for cloud computing professionals because it addresses cyberthreats and the security knowledge you need to safeguard your information. One of the largest security events, RSA Conference delivers valuable content and an avenue for sharing ideas, learning about the latest trends, and getting the solutions you need for your cloud computing environment.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

14. Cloud Computing Executive Summit
March 8
New York, NY

Cloud Computing Executive Summit

The Cloud Computing Executive Summit with 451 Research will take place March 8 in New York City. 451 Research curates the event content to ensure that attendees have ample opportunity for learning about the innovations happening now in cloud computing. Get timely insight and practical guidance on cloud computing during the best-practice case studies, sponsor-led executive roundtables, fireside chat/interview sessions, and deep-dive think tanks at the Cloud Computing Executive Summit.

Cost to Attend: FREE for senior-level IT decisions makers at enterprise organizations – Contact for more information

15. Gartner Catalyst Conference
August 15-18
San Diego, CA

Gartner Catalyst Conference

The Gartner Catalyst Conference is a cloud computing conference offering several in-depth tracks for deep dives into a range of topics. Attendees get practical solutions and actionable advice through technically-focused and pragmatic how-to content. 2015 tracks included Architecting Your Cloud-First Digital Business and Achieving Digital Workplace Productivity Using Cloud, Mobile and Software, and the Gartner Catalyst Conference 2016 is shaping up to be just as informative for cloud computing professionals.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost


16. IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Data and Security – IEEE IDS 2016
April 9-10
New York, NY

IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Data and Security IEEE IDS 2016

The IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Data and Security – IEEE IDS 2016 is a cloud computing event being held at Columbia University’s Schapiro Center. The objective of IEEE IDS 2016 is to collect the latest achievements and to exchange research ideas in intelligent data and security. Topics slated for discussion at IEEE IDS 2016 include Big Data, smart city, smart cloud, intelligent data modeling, energy-aware metadata processing, and intelligent data mining.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

17. Clio Cloud Conference
September 19-20
Chicago, IL

Clio Cloud Conference 2016

The Clio Cloud Conference is a cloud computing event that offers three tracks and thirty speakers for 600 legal professionals who want to learn more about enhancing their practice in the cloud. Learn how to work more efficiently by leveraging the power of the cloud at Clio Cloud Conference 2016.

Cost to Attend: $219 through November 30

18. Storage Executive Summit US
December 7
New York, NY

Storage Executive Summit US

Scheduled for near the end of 2016, Storage Executive Summit US 2016 is a one-day cloud computing event offering best practice case studies, keynotes, analyst presentations, and end-user case studies. Attendees will receive “impartial 1-on-1 advice and guidance on-site from leading 451 Research Analysts” and have the opportunity to join the commentator network to share experiences with peers from similar organizations. Storage Executive Summit US 2016 is a cloud event appropriate for CIOs, storage networks VPs, CTOs, IT directors and VPs, heads of data management, heads of infrastructure, and chief storage architects.

Cost to Attend: FREE for senior-level IT decisions makers at enterprise organizations – Contact for more information

19. ATARC Federal Cloud Computing Summit
January 13
Washington, DC

ATARC Federal Cloud Computing Summit

The Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC) offers a federal IT summit series that includes mobile, Big Data, cybersecurity integration, and cloud computing. In fact, the ATARC Federal Cloud Computing Summit is a one-day event featuring Visionary Panels that will examine the cloud tools and trends agencies can expect to see in the next year. The expected impact of cloud computing on government in the next year is another focus on the ATARC Federal Cloud Computing Summit. The Summit also features a cloud technology showcase, the ATARC Cloud Innovation Lab Project briefing, collaboration sessions, and a reception.

Cost to Attend: FREE government, academic, partner, and media registration; Contact for more information

20. Gluecon 2016
May 25-26
Broomfield, CO

Gluecon 2016

Gluecon 2016 is a cloud computing, DevOps, mobile, APIS, and Big Data conference that explores the integration of all things on the web as platform. Glue is geared toward developers because they build the cloud and mobile applications that are so important to cloud computing, APIs, and Big Data. Glutton 2016 will feature keynote speakers, breakout sessions, a dedicated Cloud track, and networking opportunities for attendees to immerse themselves in cloud computing.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

21. AGENDA16
March 21-23
Amelia Island, FL


AGENDA16 will focus on “building the digital business.” This cloud computing event for digital leaders of the business world provides an “immersive, interactive, and focused” experience that gives attendees the practical tools they need to transform their organizations and truly prepare them for the digital world. Previous AGENDA topics have included rearchitecting the workplace and capitalizing on the connectedness of things.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost


22. EMC World 2016
May 1-5
Las Vegas, NV

EMC World 2016

EMC World 2016 welcomes thousands of attendees from all around the world who want the opportunity to learn about the latest cloud and infrastructure advancements for managing business. Hear from IT experts, experience hands-on product demonstrations, choose from hundreds of technical sessions, and network with peers at EMC World.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

23. VMworld 2016 US
August 28-September 1
Las Vegas, NV

Vmworld 2016 US

VMworld US is scheduled for late August/early September 2016 at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Details for the 2016 event are still coming together, but past installments of this cloud computing event have proven to be more than worthwhile. Informative keynotes, ample networking opportunities, more than 450 unique sessions, and more than 250 partners make VMworld a top cloud computing event for 2016.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

24. Hosting + Coud Transformation Summit
September 19-21
Las Vegas, NV

Hosting Cloud Transformation Summit

The Hosting + Cloud Transformation Summit, HCTS 2016, is the cloud computing event for more than 500 senior cloud computing decision makers. What sets HCTS apart from other cloud computing events is that it includes cloud and hosting space leaders without end-user integration. HCTS features informative, professional, and authoritative sessions and 2016 promises to be even bigger and better.

Cost to Attend:

  • 451 Research Client Rate: $1,095 until December 31
  • Non-Client Rate: $1,995 until December 31

25. IEEE International Conference on High Performance and Smart Computing – IEEE HPSC 2016
April 9-10
New York, NY


The IEEE International Conference on High Performance and Smart Computing, IEEE HPSC 2016, will be held in conjunction with the IEEE International Conference on Big Data Security on Cloud, IEEE BigDataSecurity 2016, at Columbia University in New York City. IEEE HPSC 2016 recognizes that high performance and smart computing are in demand because of the boom in Big Data and cloud computing. IEEE HPSC 2016 is a research event for cloud engineers and computer scientists to share applications and experiences in cloud computing and smart computing in an academic forum.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

26. IC3 Seattle
March 10
Seattle, WA

IC3 Seattle

The IT Cloud Computing Conference, IC3 is a vendor-neutral cloud computing training by and for developers and IT pros. IC3 Seattle will feature enterprise cloud and DevOps speakers and an audience of IT operations personnel and developers from organizations of all sizes. Cloud migrations and DevOps in the enterprise will be highlighted at IC3 Seattle.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

27. Hadoop Summit
June 28-30
San Jose, California

Hadoop Summit

A community-driven cloud computing conference, Hadoop Summit is dedicated to advancing Apache Hadoop. Hadoop Summit has been expanded to three days, featuring Apache Hadoop though leaders showcasing Hadoop use cases, development and administration tips and tricks, and educational sessions for leveraging Apache Hadoop as a key component of their enterprise data architecture. Developers, architects, administrators, data scientists, and others also enjoy the networking opportunities available at this cloud computing event.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

28. DevOps Days DC 2016
June 8-9
Alexandria, VA

DevOps Days DC 2016

Changes are coming to DevOps Days DC, which will be held at the US Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, Virginia, in June 2016. More information about DevOps Days DC is forthcoming, but we know this cloud computing event is open to anyone in government, academia, the private sector, operations, development, QA, security, and others who want to learn about DevOps and cloud computing. DevOps Days DC features a mix of keynote speakers and open spaces.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

29. DataWeek
Date TBA
Location TBA


DataWeek is one of the largest cloud computing events offered in the U.S., so we understand that details for DataWeek 2016 are still being finalized. Every year, thousands of cloud computing professionals, engineers, and executives join together at DataWeek and take part in the standalone tracks including data science and data visualization, learn from speakers representing the data and cloud sectors, and discuss the role of data + API innovation on business, technology, and society.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

30. Developer Week
February 12-18
San Francisco, CA


Developer Week is produced by DevNetwork, a leading global developer community that also produces tech, mobile, data, and API conferences. Thousands of Developer Week participants enjoy this week-long conference and festival highlighting cloud computing and featuring an expo and hackathon. Developer Week also centers on new dev technologies, so this cloud computing event includes intro lessons as well as advanced tips and tricks on technologies such as HTML5, Python, Javascript, Robotics Dev, Data Science, and Machine Learning.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

31. FAST ’16
February 22-25
Santa Clara, CA


The 14th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies, FAST ’16 joins together storage-system researchers and practitioners who have an interest in exploring new directions in design, implementation, evaluation, and deployment of storage systems. This cloud computing event covers all aspects of storage systems, from low-level storage devices to information management. FAST ’16 includes technical presentations, refereed papers, work-in-progress reports, poster sessions, and tutorials.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

32. HostingCon Global 2016
July 24-27
New Orleans, LA

HostingCon Global 2016

A premier industry conference and trade show for hosting and cloud providers, HostingCon Global 2016 provides opportunities for participants to “network, learn and grow with hosting and cloud providers, MSPs, VARs, ISVs, value-added service providers, and more.” Network with potential partners and catch up with existing business partners at this cloud computing event in New Orleans in July 2016.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

33. 13th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation – NSDI ’16
March 16-18
Santa Clara, CA


The 13th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation, NSDI ’16 is a cloud computing conference that focuses on the design principles, implementation, and practical evaluation of networked and distributed systems. NSDI ’16 also is a single-track forum dedicated to sharing ideas for furthering the knowledge and understanding of the networked systems community as a whole. It’s worth noting that NSDI ’16 will be co-located with the 2016 Open Networking Summit.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

34. 24th High Performance Computing Symposium – HPC 2016
April 3-6
Pasadena, CA

HPC 2016

Part of the SCS Spring Simulation Multi-Conference (SpringSim’16), the 24th High Performance Computing Symposium (HPC 2016) will take place in Pasadena, California, in April 2016. HPC 2016 seeks to encourage innovation in high performance computing and communication technologies to promote advances in modeling methodologies and simulation. This cloud computing event covers a variety of topics, including cloud, distributed, and grid computing, high performance/large scale application case studies, and large scale visualization and data management.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

35. Cloud Identity Summit 2016
June 6-9
New Orleans, LA

Cloud Identity Summit 2016

Cloud Identity Summit, CIS, joins together identity and security experts “to explore identity’s evolving role in the connected community.” Details for CIS 2016 are still being ironed out, but we know it will feature 50 speakers, 100 sessions, and 1,000 delegates and will focus on the ways in which identity-related technologies are the critical common layer between infrastructure migrating from legacy applications to the cloud. CIS is a unique cloud computing conference in that it is intensely focused and offers three days of content-packed tracks emphasizing face-to-face interactions.

Cost to Attend: $1,695

36. Software Architecture Conference
April 11-13
New York, NY

Software Architecture Conference

The O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference is slated for April 2016 in New York City and includes two days of pre-conference training and three days of the main conference. This cloud computing conference offers training in the emerging tools and techniques needed for business success in the 21st century. Topics include software architecture fundamentals, real-world case studies, and the latest cloud computing technologies, frameworks, and techniques. Networking opportunities include the hallway track, Exhibit Hall, and after-hours events.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

January 25-28
Fort Lauderdale, FL


ITEXPO is a premier cloud computing event that covers mobility, BYOD, UC, VoIP, and more. ITEXPO tracks include Asterisk World, Business Transformation, Communications/Collaboration – Presented by SCTC, Lawful Intercept, Marketing/Customer Engagement, Network Transformation, Security, and more, making it a conference well suited to executives, IT professionals, and anyone who works with cloud computing to advance business.

Cost to Attend:

  • Conference SuperPass Standard Rate: $899
  • Platinum Conference Pass Standard Rate: $399
  • Gold Conference Pass Standard Rate: $299

38. WHIR Networking Event: Austin, TX
January 28
Austin, TX

WHIR Networking Event Austin TX

WHIR Events are free cloud and hosting networking events and meet-ups that feature face-to-face decision making. The Austin, Texas WHIR Networking Event includes executives, solution providers, and corporate decision makers who are looking for the chance to conduct business and network in person with other cloud services and web hosting industry peers. Complimentary drinks and appetizers are available, creating a relaxed and comfortable environment for networking and building new business possibilities in the cloud.

Cost to Attend: FREE

39. NexGen Cloud Conference
December 2016
Location TBA

NexGen Cloud Conference

NexGen Cloud Conference is an independent, multi-vendor business and tech conference and expo designed especially for cloud integrators, developers, vendors, and providers. Typically held in December, NexGen Cloud Conference is a cloud computing event that you’ll want to be sure to include at the end of your 2016 calendar, so that you don’t miss the opportunity to hear from thought leaders during their keynotes or to learn how to increase your revenue, expand your offerings, and grow your margins.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

40. Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference
December 2016
Location TBA

Gartner Data Center Infrastructure Operations Management Conference

A cloud computing event that normally occurs in December, the Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference centers on the importance of creating an enterprise data center strategy that is agile, scalable, and responsive enough to keep up with the fast-moving digital wave. Perfect for cloud professionals, the Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference offers a “practical approach to I&O modernization where cloud, virtualization, automation, DevOps, bimodal, software-define anything and mobile can replace rigid – and increasingly outdated – infrastructure.” This cloud conference for 2016 features 10 comprehensive tracks with deep-dive opportunities into a range of topics of interest to cloud professionals.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

41. Digital Infrastructure Summit
Date TBA
Location TBA

Digital Infrastructure Summit

The Digital Infrastructure Summit, offered by 451 Research, is a top conference for IT infrastructure and operations professionals who focus on the next generation of digital infrastructure. This cloud event typically occurs in the spring and recognizes the importance of the cloud, and new and emerging IT tools, that are agile, efficient, and scalable enough to handle the next generation of IT services. 2015 session topics included the hybrid cloud, hybrid cloud security, and the user journey to the cloud, and we know Digital Infrastructure Summit 2016 will be just as valuable in terms of cloud content.

Cost to Attend: Contact for attendance cost

42. Mobile/Cloud/IoT Security – Strategies for the New Area
April 26
Chicago, IL

Mobile Cloud IoT Security Strategies for the New Area

CAMP IT Conferences aim to solve current IT challenges, and the Mobile/Cloud/IoT Security – Strategies for the New Area cloud event offers strategies for organizations looking to increase security and reduce risk as disruptive technologies emerge. Participants will be awarded 7CPE/PDU credits and learn how to design a strategy to enhance endpoint protection, to refine the plan in the wake of disruptive technologies, to alter plans in the wake of IoT, and much more.

Cost to Attend: $289

43. Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Group
Throughout the Year
Palo Alto, CA

Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Group

The Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Group holds cloud events throughout the year in the Palo Alto, California, area. More than 8,385 Cloudsters strong, this cloud Meetup group is one of the largest in the U.S. The Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Group’s events focus on discussing how cloud computing and web services level the playing field and the competition. Meetup chief organizer Sebastian Stadil has  more than five years experience in cloud computing and is the founder at Scalr.  Remember, this is just one Cloud Computing meetup – there are many others – be sure to look at 3,600+ additional Cloud Computing Meetups with 1.1+ Million registered people.

Cost to Attend: FREE

44. NYC Data Science
Throughout the Year
New York, NY

NYC Data Science

John Matson is the organizer of the NYC Data Science Meetup, a Meetup for highlighting the best and brightest data scientists in New York and providing networking opportunities. This group of nearly 5,200 data scientists, software engineers, hackers, and statisticians meets for events covering a wide variety of topics, including cloud computing, Big Data, matching learning, data analytics, predictive analytics, data mining, and data science. Past NYC Data Science Meetups have featured Juliet Hougland of Cloudera, Reynold Xin and Joseph Bradley of Databricks, and Daeil Kim of the New York Times.

Cost to Attend: FREE

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