Cloud Case Study: Hancock Software

ProfitBricks-HancockSoftware-CaseStudyProfitBricks presents our latest cloud case study from a Massachusetts-based Independent Software Vendor (ISV) that creates energy efficiency software. They are called Hancock Software, and have migrated out from a colocation data center to the ProfitBricks public cloud, resulting in more agility, 65% in reduce spendings and the ability to redirect their IT spend to product development.

Hancock Software specialize in energy efficient software that is deployed on mobile devices. Founded in 2004, they grew from a web-based single server .NET program management application to leveraging cloud computing technology to make their customer’s homes and buildings even more energy efficient.

Recently, we interviewed Hancock Software to learn more about the benefits of migrating to the ProfitBricks public cloud. Frequent themes included the flexibility of a second-generation cloud provider, only paying for the resources which include:

  • 65% lower costs due to only paying for the resources consumed

Hancock Software recorded a 65% savings thanks to ProfitBricks minute-based billing. This meant they only paid for the resources that were consumed. These savings allowed Hancock Software to fund further application development and deploy more rapid releases.

  • A high level of data security

Hancock Software were able to stand behind their SLAs and are able to offer their clients higher levels of comfort concerning data security breaches.

  • Having access to a highly-responsive and service-orientated technical support team.

The ProfitBricks technical support team have been highly responsive and service-orientated when answering queries. With highly trained technicians and engineers on hand, this allows Hancock Software to feel comfortable as they scale up their company in their shift towards a more global market.
You can view the full case study here.