Cloud Computing Infrastructure Insider Video Series – Interview with Adrian Cockcroft

Last week we started a new cloud computing infrastructure video series featuring interviews with thought leaders and visionaries in the Internet infrastructure space. While at Structure 2015 Conference, we asked them what their thoughts are on the space right now and what they think the cloud has in store for 2016.

Interview with Adrian Cockcroft

Adrian Cockcroft Speaking About Cloud Adoption at Structure Conference

Cloud Computing is now of great interest to CIOs at companies of all sizes.

In this latest interview, the ProfitBricks team speaks to Adrian Cockroft, former Cloud Architect at Netflix, who’s been working as a Technology Fellow at Battery Ventures for the past two years. A well known figure within cloud computing, Adrian speaks at conferences and summits around the world, including vendor driven conferences like VM World, developer oriented conferences like the GOTO London conference which he organized, and other more management focused conferences like CIO summits.

Adrian spoke about how the mindsets of companies are changing. Larger companies are now moving towards the cloud and are deploying containers using tools like Docker. He further spoke to how the industry has seen development and operations come together to bring about the DevOps movement and  how recent trends are now factoring security into the mix. He shared additional insights about his belief that the industry will be talking about Teraservices, using terabytes of memory in 2016 and that more companies will be using serverless architectures. 

See the full interview below:

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