Cloud Computing Infrastructure Insider Video Series – Interview with Derrick Harris

Continuing on with our new cloud computing infrastructure video series we filmed at the Structure Conference, where we feature videos with industry leaders who share their thoughts about the Internet infrastructure space and what they’re anticipating for the cloud in 2016.

Interview with Derrick Harris

ProfitBricks Structure 2015 Speaking with Derrick HarrisIn today’s interview, we speak to Derrick Harris (@derrickharris), Senior Research Analyst at Mesosphere. Derrick is responsible for messaging, marketing, and thought leadership. Mesosphere helps companies manage their infrastructure and applications by building technology that will “help propel other technologies – Docker, Hadoop and Spark – into the mainstream by making them easier to deploy, manage, and scale”. By leveraging cloud computing, it makes for more efficiency and utility-like qualities.

Derrick shared his thoughts about 2016 and Mesosphere’s plans for the cloud. In terms of the infrastructure space, they’ll be selling what they call a “data center operating system” which touches on many things that are already happening. Of course, there will be many continuing conversations about cloud and hybrid cloud computing. It’s also impossible to ignore all the buzz about containers. Derrick suggests that the interest in containers will continue to grow, in particular, container orchestration and how you can run containers reliably at scale in production.

See the full interview below:

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