Cloud Computing Infrastructure Insider Video Series – Interview with Joe Weinman

ProfitBricks is excited to introduce our new video series called cloud computing infrastructure series, featuring videos with industry leaders sharing their thoughts about the Internet infrastructure space and what they anticipate the trends to be in 2016.

Josh Sanderson, (@jdsboston), Cloud thought leader, was at Structure Conference last week in San Francisco, interviewing various people like Ellen Rubin, CEO & Co-founder at ClearSky Data and Derrick Harris of Mesosphere.

Interview with Joe Weinman

ProfitBricks Video Series Josh Sanderson Joe WeinmanIn this first interview of our cloud computing infrastructure series, we speak with Joe Weinman, who wears various hats such as author, keynote speaker, analyst, consultant, and board member. Joe was both an MC and speaker at Structure this year. He is also the author of Cloudonomics and the more recently published, Digital Disciplines.

Joe tells us more about Digital Disciplines, where he outlines four strategies that companies can follow in order to differentiate themselves from others, create customer value, and achieve market leadership within our digitally transformed world. For example, one of the strategies he touches upon is something he calls “collective intimacy”, which is how an organization’s intimacy with customers has evolved from individual interactions, to ones that are no longer human mediated but recorded through deep learning and advanced algorithms working against big data in the cloud.

Watch the interview to see more of what Joe has to say about his book, his insights into how different companies are leading the way within the Internet infrastructure space, and his thoughts on where the cloud is going in 2016.

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If you are interested in hearing more about ProfitBricks’ experience at Structure, read our day 1 recap. Also, be on the lookout for more interviews to be added to our new cloud computing infrastructure series over the coming weeks.