Cloud Expert Interview Video: David Linthicum of Cloud Technology Partners

Our Cloud Expert Interview Video Series features video interviews with cloud thought leaders, entrepreneurs, business executives and luminaries where we discuss with them for their insights on the current infrastructure space as well as their future plans for the cloud in 2016.

This latest video from Structure Conference is an interview with David Linthicum, a consultant at ProfitBricks-Structure-Cloud-Computing-David-LithincumCloud Technology Partners and an internationally recognized industry expert and thought leader. Cloud Technology Partners provide fast and cost-effective ways to migrate client workloads to public, private and multi-cloud environments.

Cloud Technology Partners love working with ISVs.

In his interview, David says it’s for a simple reason – ISVs’ core business is software and they want to get into the cloud and are typically motivated and very astute organizations. Cloud Technology Partners work with the ISVs to get them sold on cloud – they want to do the best thing with their applications, they’re into DevOps and CloudOps and they’re into things that are more difficult to get enterprises into. They also get a lot of ISVs asking them for help in moving their on-premises software into a fully blown multi-tenant use-space accounting governed application that exists in the cloud, typically on an IaaS provider.

The momentum behind cloud application containerization is already well-defined.

Along with containers, David sees the strategic use of data and the return back to architecture as important in 2016. He notices that there has been more time figuring out what a cloud architecture is and what a service based architecture is and why microservices are useful. He also covers not only containers in general, but how to make containers work and scale in a web scale environment. Many technical folks know they’re moving to the cloud and want to leverage containers at some point but how they are actually going to implement it. Folks are feeling the pain of their data and workloads and how to make these work with this new technology.

We fully agree with David, that cloud migrations are picking up dramatically. The ProfitBricks cloud computing platform is well suited for legacy applications and cloud-native applications and everything in between. We have a free trial period with full access, feel free to sign up and learn what other companies have already discovered – ProfitBricks is Painless Cloud Infrastructure.

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