Cloud Expert Interview Video Series: Gleb Budman of Backblaze

Our Cloud Expert Interview Video Series features video interviews with cloud thought leaders, entrepreneurs, business executives and luminaries where we discuss with them for their insights on the current infrastructure space as well as their future plans for the cloud in 2016.

This video features Gleb Budman, the CEO and co-founder of cloud storage company Backblaze. Founded in 2007, the logo-backblaze-big1concept was clear: to start a cloud backup company with a very simple pricing model: $5 a month or $50 a year. Achieving 917% revenue growth over the last 5 years, Backblaze secured itself on the 128th spot on the list of fastest growing technology companies in the United States.

Interview with Gleb Budman

As Backblaze are (for now) solely focussed on raw and inexpensive cloud storage, the ecosystem is very important for them, as Gleb explains. He cites companies like ProfitBricks and others who offer compute and other services, meaning they may be able to offer clients future services bundling compute as well as storage.

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