Cloud Expert Interview Video Series: Luke Kanies of Puppet Labs

Our brand new Cloud Expert Interview Video Series highlights some of the most influential cloud computing thought leaders and industry luminaries. While at Structure Conference in San Francisco last month, we interviewed various individuals, such as David Linthicum of Cloud Technology Partners, and asked them to tell us what they think about the Internet Infrastructure space right now and the upcoming trends in 2016.

An Interview with Cloud Expert, Luke Kanies of Puppet Labs

Cloud Expert Luke Kanies Puppet Labs Structure 2015Today, we have the pleasure of introducing Luke Kanies, CEO at Puppet Labs. Puppet “makes it easy to automate the provisioning, configuration and ongoing management of your machines and the software running on them.” Their solution works on physical machines and virtual machines, whether on premises or in the cloud. The ProfitBricks cloud also includes Puppet Support for our ever-growing DevOps community.

In this interview, Luke speaks about the DevOps movement and how it’s currently at both an interesting and dangerous point. He explains that although the term DevOps is well known within the industry, most organizations don’t really know how to achieve a true state of where development and operations are working together. Luke further elaborates that early-stage, fast moving organizations have a different take on DevOps than traditional organizations do and that perspectives vary around the world. Australia is more open to the public cloud and DevOps than Europe for example, where a country like Germany will see the need to move quickly but will have different concerns and a desire to be correct in their implementation. Ultimately, Luke says, it’s all about cultural change and an organization’s willingness to adapt that will have the biggest impact on how quickly and successfully they can talk about DevOps.

As such, he feels it’s important for companies to line up their operations start focusing on business outcomes to become more agile and see greater reliability, while still moving quickly. It’s no longer acceptable for IT departments to singularly focus on being secure and stable, and DevOps helps organizations place their business goals as number one instead.

Watch the video to hear more about what Luke has to say about DevOps and about some of Puppet’s recent product releases.

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