Cloud Expert Interview Video Series: William Dougherty of Raging Wire Data Centers

Our new Cloud Expert Interview Video Series puts the spotlight on cloud computing thought leaders and industry luminaries. We interviewed several of these experts at Structure Conference in San Francisco and chatted with them about their thoughts on the Internet Infrastructure space and which trends they think will dominate in 2016.

An Interview with William Dougherty
Raging Wire Data CentersMeet William Dougherty, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, at Raging Wire Data Centers. In this video, William chats about the tremendous growth of his company, Raging Wire Data Centers, how they focus and excel at their core business of building data centers, and why they partner with other companies to create a greater ecosystem of offerings for their customers. He further discusses how interesting it is that the industry has moved so quickly to containers and dockers and how more companies, even traditional agricultural ones, are moving to the cloud and doing innovative things with their infrastructure, like looking at lettuce leaves with sensors to get information on crop yields.

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Stay tuned for more interviews in our cloud computing infrastructure series, as we’ll be posting even more videos this week.