Day 1 Recap Structure Conference #StructureConf

Structure Conference is back. After the unfortunate bankruptcy of GigaOM earlier this year, the Structure Conference is once again at the front and center of the conversations for the Internet Infrastructure industry and its ecosystem.

The conference featured prominent speakers from Intel, Facebook, Mesosphere, Khosla Ventures, Rally Ventures, CoreOS, GE, PuppetLabs, Apcera, Cisco, Server Density, and many more.

Structure’s moderators and MCs ProfitBricks Video Series Josh Sanderson Joe Weinmanare also among the most knowledgeable and published in the space, including Joe Weinman, Barb Darrow, Stacey Higginbotham, Derrick Harris, Jonathan Vanian, and David Linthicum. If you’re in the space, you’ll know the names.

Emerging Themes from Structure Conference

A few recurring themes popped up today:

1) The cloud computing space is currently in a stage that’s equivalent to where the smart phone was in 2007, when the iPhone launched. There was no app store, no mass adoption, and the “app economy” and use cases that we now take for granted, were just a vision.

Structure Conference Slide Cloud Adoption Rates

2) Did you know there are 18.6 million data centers out there? Think about that number, and consider that the mass majority of corporate IT and SMB applications are still on-premise.

3) The Internet of Things and Big Data is becoming a big topic. The use cases are growing, the platforms are multiplying, and the success stories are inspiring more data collection, more platforms, and the public cloud is at the center of all of it.

ProfitBricks is a Structure Sponsor

The ProfitBricks team is also sponsoring Structure. Come by our table and get a demo of our Data Center Designer and chat with us about how ProfitBricks offers a great cloud computing infrastructure platform for high performance applications and workloads.

ProfitBricks Cloud Computing Data Center Designer R2

ProfitBricks Data Center Management Tool the DCD R2

Cloud Computing Visionary Video Series

We’re also producing some exciting new videos with industry luminaries and leaders about what they’re experiencing and hearing within the Internet infrastructure space. We’ve also asked them what they think 2016 will bring, and we’ll share their thoughts about next year’s trends and about the possibility of funding for promising companies in the industry. We asked Josh Sanderson, (@jdsboston) the Business Development leader at Akanda, Inc. to ask the key questions we all want to know.

ProfitBricks-Video-Series-Josh Sanderson-and-Adrian-Cockroft
We’ll be sharing our video series here on the blog over the coming weeks. One the first interviews is with Structure speaker Adrian Cockcroft, who works as a Technology Fellow at Battery Ventures.

We also spoke with Derrick Harris of Mesosphere and Joe Weinman and several others – we’ll have about 10 videos to share.

If you’re at Structure on Thursday, be sure to stop by the ProfitBricks table and tell us your cloud story.