High Performance Cloud Computing Networks – [Infographic]

To InfiniBand and Beyond!

Explosive Internet growth, beginning in the mid-late 1990’s, has had a dramatic affect on the evolution of computer networking. Some new network technologies and initiatives boomed, but faded rapidly into oblivion. Others, notably Ethernet, invented by Bob Metcalfe at Xerox PARC, became the standard and a commodity.  While new technologies emerged in the 2000’s to solve many of the performance and latency problems associated with Ethernet, notably Mellanox’s InfiniBand which is rapidly becoming the preferred networking interconnect technology in the Cloud Computing space.

InfiniBand offers speeds of 80Gbps between cloud servers and between cloud servers and cloud storage.  This extreme performance is driving big data implementations and cloud deployments that rival the performance of High Performance Computing environments.

This Infographic presents a timeline illustrating the respective history and advantages of these two technologies, as well as some specific use cases and performance testing results.


A full size version of this Infographic – High Performance Cloud Computing Networks – is available here 

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