How to Make Public Cloud Easy

Not all public cloud products are created equal. Some are notoriously long, eating into precious productivity and revenue. To ramp up recurring revenue with public cloud solutions, it’s important for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to select products their organization can adopt quickly.

According to a recent ScienceLogic survey of 1,100 IT professionals:

  • 31% didn’t feel they had the right skills to lead a cloud deployment
  • 50% felt they lacked the toolset to effectively manage cloud infrastructure
  • 37% admitted they didn’t know which workloads should be migrated to private versus public clouds

To reduce learning curves for your MSP practice in the public cloud, consider taking these simple steps:

1. Vet Solutions Thoroughly

Product demos can be helpful, but consider going far beyond this when vetting public cloud platforms. Taking full advantage of a free trial can be an easy way to gain insights into the inner workings of a platform before investing huge amounts of time, energy, and money to make it work.

2. Ensure Integration

Likely, your cloud services offering will include multiple products. Before adding another one to your arsenal, make sure it plays well with the other solutions already in your fold.

3. Commit to Training

With a mere 31% of IT professionals feeling they possess the skills to lead a cloud deployment, it’s clear that organizations could benefit from better preparing their teams to implement and support public cloud solutions.

4. Invest in an Effective Toolkit

Why do everything manually when you can automate? Investing in effective—rather than just the cheapest available—tools is a good way to empower your cloud team to be more efficient and successful in their efforts to get your public cloud solution up, running, and profitable faster.

5. Curb Procrastination

Fine-tuning big public cloud solutions can feel stressful. On-boarding, training, getting everyone on the same page, and making sure the new solution talks to your existing ecosystem can create an endless stream of headaches, leading to the “maybe we can just do it later” mindset.

Just say no to procrastination in the cloud. Create and stick to, as closely as possible, clear deadlines. Doing so will help you make sure everyone is on track to be ramped up and ready to deliver the new public cloud service as quickly as possible.

Making the Public Cloud Easy

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