DockerCon Day 2 – Talks on Docker in Production & New Enablement Tools

DockerCon - Business Insider Slide

ProfitBricks is a sponsor of DockerCon and below we share the highlights of Day 2. Running Docker in Production has been the theme of DockerCon 2015 and day two continues the theme with announcements around their DockerHub and Registry products. Before they unveiled everything, Docker shared some amazing stats with the audience during the keynote presentations. DockerHub currently has: 240,000+ users […]

DockerCon Day 1 – News About The Great Container Race To Build A Better Ship


ProfitBricks is a sponsor of DockerCon and the team and I are happy to share a concise summary of the key announcements and our learnings at DockerCon. Docker outlined the next big goals for the company with multiple announcements on the first day of DockerCon 2015. Solomon Hykes, founder and CTO, shared various statistics: 50% of Docker’s source code is plumbing; […]

Top 49 Best #Dev Environment Tools that Drive Developer Productivity


Developers are busier now than ever before, and they want to be able to work in a productive environment that simply allows them to write code and get instant feedback from tests. The last thing they want to do is set up configuration after configuration. So, we have searched for the best dev environment tools to help developers achieve their […]

Day 2 Recap #CloudExpo NYC Data Center Designer Demo and More


Day 2 of #CloudExpo kicked off with some great keynotes on the Internet of Everything and Connected Marketplaces. Flavius Toma, a Sr. Cloud Solutions Architect at ProfitBricks gave a demo of the Data Center Designer R2 and highlighting just how easy it is to build a complete multi-tier clustered infrastructure cloud data center in only 20 minutes.  The presentation was really […]

Why Public Cloud Growth in IaaS is Accelerating – #CloudExpo Talk

I had the honor of presenting a talk on the future of on-premise workloads in cloud computing at the CloudExpo yesterday morning. It was standing room only and very well received and I’d like to discuss a few key aspects of the talk from last night today in my blog post.  Public cloud growth is accelerating, not just for startups and […]

ProfitBricks Docker Hosting Free Early Access


Developers are quickly adopting micro-services as a viable architecture for their application. Docker has helped popularize this pattern with its easy to use toolset. Which is why over the past few months the team at ProfitBricks has been digging in and working on a new approach for allowing users to deploy and manage Docker and its containers on the ProfitBricks […]

DevOps Central: Docker, Collectd and Kubernetes Recent Tutorials

Docker Container Code

Have you visited DevOps Central yet? You’ll discover many different tutorials for working against our APIs easier and more fun for you there – including these recent tutorials about Docker, collectd and Kubernetes. If you’re a community-minded individual or searching for a particular answer to a question, the Community page is a great way to find what you need. We’re also starting […]