ProfitBricks Weekly Cloud Computing News Roundup: Issue 19

Here is the latest edition of ProfitBricks’ weekly roundup of news, content and conversations about Cloud Computing.

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Devops, Cloud & Co.
Jorgen’s Weblog   Posted: May 9, 2014
Summary: Current Trends in Software Development and System Operations

IT Pros Mistrust Cloud Performance Claims
Network Computing   Posted: May 8, 2014
Summary: Survey shows companies think cloud provider performance problems are hidden behind hollow SLA guarantees.

Big data charge could turn data management profession on its head
SearchDataManagement   Posted: May 8, 2014
Summary: Big data as it is now evolving requires a different mindset within the data management profession. Fast-growing data volume and feeds turn the present status quo “on its head.”

How to manage contractual risks in cloud computing
ZDNet   Posted: May 9, 2014
Summary: Practical and commercial risks when adopting cloud computing services can be identified and mitigated through due diligence processes especially in the service contract.

DevOps in Your Job Title is Doing You Harm
Ycombinator   Posted: May 9, 2014
Summary: Are you tired of the “DevOps is not a job title” meme?

Big Data Overview: How’s Your Company Doing?
CIO Insight   Posted: May 9, 2014
Summary: Big data analytics is a leading business priority for most mid-size and large companies, but managing and analyzing large and ever-growing data sets remains a persistent challenge.

Moving your apps to the cloud? Beware the slowdown effect
InfoWorld   Posted: May 9, 2014
Summary: The use of public clouds should provide your software high performance and huge scalability — but that won’t happen auto-magically.

Big data is a big opportunity, but current IT thinking needs to change
BetaNews   Posted: May 10, 2014
Summary: Hitachi Data Systems has just revealed the results of its “Information Innovation Index,” which is a study that aimed to measure how businesses are able to tap into and make good use of big data. And the short answer is that many feel they’re not making best use of the swathes of data they’re sat on.

Big Data a Big Priority for Most Organizations
Information Week   Posted: May 10, 2014
Summary: Exclusive research shows that many organizations are interested in Big Data Analytics, though few have deployed it – yet.

Cloud Careers: Bright Skies in a Cloudy Future
Talkin’ Cloud   Posted: May 10, 2014
Summary: Thinking about a career in cloud space? Learning the cloud taxonomy will help you better navigate the various companies in the cloud space and focus your efforts on the job of your dreams.

Are DevOps and Outsourcing compatible?
Danny’s Blog   Posted: May 11, 2014
Summary: The great promise of DevOps is the ability to regularly deliver new business function in an application portfolio through the process of continuous integration and excellent collaboration between the application developers and the IT operations team. This is eminently achievable when everyone works for the same company, but can it work in the world of outsourcing?

Can big data predict the next cyber attack?
Jerusalem Post   Posted: May 12, 2014
Summary: Analyzing big data can help raise the alarm in real time when something out of the ordinary is happening, as may be the case in a security breach.

Big Data Fans: Don’t Boil The Ocean
Information Week   Posted: May 12, 2014
Summary: Planning a big data strategy? Don’t be overly ambitious and always know the problems you’re trying to solve.

DevOps Is Great for Startups, but for Enterprises It Won’t Work—Yet
Wall Street Journal   Posted: May 13, 2014
Summary: For startups and tech companies that are building their organizational structure from the ground up, the value of implementing devops beginning in the early days is clear—achieving radically higher productivity at lower costs resulting in more reliable systems. While the theoretical use cases for devops within enterprise IT are not dissimilar, the potential for adoption within large organizations is less rosy.

Big data set to “die” in 2 years – Gartner
BN Americas   Posted: May 13, 2014
Summary: One of the most hyped technology trends nowadays, big data – or at least the term “big data” – is poised to die in the next couple of years.

Computing in the Cloud
Techpinions   Posted: May 13, 2014
Summary: Even if you are connecting globally, you are still computing locally, and that’s going to continue to drive the evolution of devices for many years to come.

New Study: ‘Cloud of Things’ Could Make Customer Service Better, Humanity Worse
The Atlantic   Posted: May 15, 2014
Summary: Experts predict technology will improve daily transactions by 2025, but there are major caveats.

Big data decisions: Why C-level is wrong to tell IT to butt out
ZDNet   Posted: May 15, 2014
Summary: When it comes to exploiting data, businesses are generally ineffectual — and it’s a failing that isn’t helped by attitudes to IT teams and poor communication.

The future of Big Data is linked to Cloud
JavaCodeGeeks   Posted: May 15, 2014
Summary: Hadoop is not the answer to growing data issues and if you start from the answer to look for problems then you are doing it wrong.