ProfitBricks Weekly Cloud Computing News Roundup: Issue 21

Here is the latest edition of ProfitBricks’ weekly roundup of news, content and conversations about Cloud Computing.

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How your workout fuels the cloud
InfoWorld Posted: May 23, 2014
Summary: Your fitness devices all talk to cloud services — and show how our interactions with data are getting more complex


Is your organization DevOps?

Cloud Computing: Where It’s been, Where It’s Going
Tech Cocktail Posted: May 25, 2014
Summary: Cloud computing is a technology with a rich history that is sure to continue going in the right direction.

How Cloud Startups Are Changing The Face Of Innovation
Tech Crunch Posted: May 25, 2014
Summary: The enabling technologies that were hand-sewn by cloud pioneers are becoming more and more commercially available; one by one, obstacles are being eliminated and problems are being solved, primarily by startups.

Big Data and Analytics – Data warehousing key for SMBs
Business2Community Posted: May 25, 2014
Summary: Here is a realistic approach to this new phenomenon for companies without exceptional IT budgets.

What Really Drives Organizations Adopting Cloud Computing?
CloudTweaks Posted: May 27, 2014
Summary: Are companies ready to allow someone else dictate, manage, and maintain their IT infrastructure?

Cloud creep: Is your business in control?
ZDNet Posted: May 28, 2014
Summary: You have a robust cloud use profile, but some of your staff either didn’t get the memo or don’t care – they’re using ‘leaky’ cloud products without your knowledge and with your data. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Beware ‘Big Data’ Hype, Reports Warn
Wall Street Journal Posted: May 28, 2014
Summary: Is “big data” revolutionizing business, or a passing technological fad?

Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Healthcare IT: The Trifecta Posted: May 28, 2014
Summary: The technology market is bringing two ideas together in a way that can drastically reduce mistakes, improve outcomes, and cut costs. Those two concepts are cloud computing and big data.

Hadoop and cloud computing: Collision course or happy symbiosis?
Tech Republic Posted: May 28, 2014
Summary: According to Forrester, two of the industry’s hottest trends — cloud computing and Hadoop — may not work well together. This theory, however, doesn’t seem to be supported by the facts.

Big Data Needs a Little TLC
Huffington Post Posted: May 29, 2014
Summary: Big Data is quickly becoming an integral part of how businesses solve problems and set strategy. When used properly, it is quite potent. When used without balance, things can go very wrong.

Reset on big data — or miss the big change
ZDNet Posted: May 30, 2014
Summary: As data explodes, so do old ways of doing business.

Big Data: It’s all about analytics & competitive advantage, and not just for dummies
ITWire Posted: May 30, 2014
Summary: Big Data is not much more than an “utterly meaningless” term created by marketers.

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