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3 Ways the Cloud Simplifies Cost Management & Consumption

  As organizations across the globe seek to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and grow their bottom line, the public cloud is becoming an attractive alternative to traditional data center setups. Instead of requiring companies to invest in building expensive, state-of-the-art servers, storage, and security safeguards, they can simply rent the best infrastructure available at a fraction of the cost. For […]

New Data Center Means Greater Resources for Partners

Gartner expects worldwide public cloud services to grow by a whopping 18% this year, and the highest growth area within that uptick is in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This represents a massive opportunity for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that are poised to effectively deliver clients a superior IaaS experience in the cloud. As an MSP, you know that reputation […]

27 #DevOps Experts Share the Best Way for Companies to Improve DevOps Performance

Leon Fayer

DevOps is a relatively new concept to describe the desire of organizations to improve collaboration of two separate functions into one, so it’s not surprising that many companies struggle when it comes to improving DevOps performance. From bottlenecks that prevent DevOps adoption to differing definitions of performance improvement from one organization to the next, there are a multitude of challenges companies may […]

37 Top 2015 Data Center Events and Conferences in the USA

HPC User Forum

At the hub of nearly every organization is a data center. There are now 8.6 million data centers worldwide. As the world’s businesses and citizens demand more technology and connectedness, data centers and data center managers must be able to keep up. Companies and their system administrators now are facing the challenge of storing unparalleled amounts of data. This translates […]

Second Generation Cloud – Makes Cloud Migrations Easier

Cloud Computing Featured on Processor Magazine Cover

ProfitBricks is featured in the current issue of Processor magazine, the leading publication for Data Center professionals.  The article discusses  our easy to use Data Center Designer R2 tool and how it makes ProfitBricks a great solution for cloud migrations. The Processor article highlights the ProfitBricks IaaS public cloud for it’s price/performance, quick provisioning and the fact that it’s secure […]

New Frankfurt Data Center Extends ProfitBricks Cloud Computing IaaS Footprint


Every data center professional and software architect has their vision of the perfect data center. When we founded ProfitBricks (in 2010), both Andreas Gauger and I knew that Cloud Computing options were extremely limiting and first generation in their approach. Prior to starting ProfitBricks, our years of experience in web scale hosting, and expertise in managed services and systems integration followed by Cloud Computing […]

Our Visit to “Cloud Geek Heaven”

ProfitBricks Tour at Switch SUPERNAP, April 2014

Last week, I had the honor to accompany a group of ProfitBricks clients and potential clients on a tour of the Switch SUPERNAP during the Interop 2014 conference. The SUPERNAP is truly Geek heaven. Here are some cool facts we learned: It boasts the world’s largest data center facility at 2.2 Million Square feet. The average daily temperature in Las Vegas […]