Top Cloud Computing Meetups & Leaders: 46 Meetups for Cloud Pros Worth Attending

Cloud storage and cloud computing are more than just buzzwords. They are the driving forces behind some of the world’s largest corporations, and they are providing advantages for consumers and businesses alike. In fact, a report by CompTIA reveals that 90% of businesses use some level of cloud computing, which is a testament to the growth of the cloud industry. Even more telling is the fact that public IT cloud services spend is projected to double, to reach an estimated $127 billion by 2018. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), “the adoption of ‘cloud first’ strategies by both IT vendors expanding their offerings and IT buyers implementing new solutions, is one of the factors for this accelerated growth. Cloud services market is now entering an innovation stage that will produce an explosion of new solutions and value creation on top of the cloud.

With all of the advancements, innovation, and growth involving the cloud, it’s no wonder that cloud engineers, cloud architects, cloud developers, cloud systems administrators, and other professionals working with the cloud, including CTOs and DevOps professionals, are flocking to Cloud Meetups. Held around the USA, Cloud Meetups provide members with a chance to discuss and share questions, challenges, tips, and more with one another. Some are more casual, some are more social, and some are more professional. Some of the Meetups are well established with hundreds of members, and others are newly formed. And, some are more active online than in person.

Whichever type of Cloud Meetup is more appealing to you, you’re sure to find one or two or more that you’ll want to join. We also feature the leaders of our top Cloud Meetups, so you have an idea of the organizers behind the scenes. It helps to know a little bit of the leader’s background when choosing the right Cloud Meetup for you and your goals.

Please note, we have listed our top Cloud Meetups in the USA and their leaders here, in no particular order.



Russell Pavlicek1. Innovation in the Cloud
Russell Pavlicek, Organizer
Throughout the Year
San Antonio, TX

Presented by the Xen Project, Innovation in the Cloud is a Cloud Meetup provides an opportunity for cloud users to join together to learn about software advancements from those who are responsible for them. While the Xen Project is a focus of the Cloud Meetup, Innovation in the Cloud explores all of the technologies that will change the cloud. Organizer Russell Pavlicek welcomes any cloud enthusiast using any visualization technology. An advocate of Open Source software, Pavlicek has spoken at more than 76 conferences and has written about Open Source as a columnist.


Joshua Kolden2. Cloud Hackers
Joshua Kolden, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Los Angeles, CA

Cloud Hackers focuses on Docker, CoreOS, etcd, libswarm, configd, and fleet and how to develop “the new order of the cloud.” To address the bleeding edge of the cloud, Cloud Hackers plans talks, classes, hacker nights, and other opportunities in addition to Meetups so that members can contribute ideas and their experiences. Organizer Joshua Kolden, who works on C4 (the Cinema Content Creation Cloud) to build the cloud infrastructure for future filmmakers, welcomes anyone to Cloud Hackers, no matter their level of experience.


John Wooten13. Washington DC Cloud Computing Meetup
John Wooten, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Washington, DC

The Washington DC Cloud Computing Meetup is more than 165 members strong, and they are excited about the new direction of the Meetup. Looking to get reinvigorated and make the Meetup “the most dynamic, enlightening and entertaining cloud technology Meetup in the DC-MD-VA area,” the cloud technologists look forward to presentations, lectures, and webinars by experts, hands-on workshops and hackathons, round-table and discussion panels, and so much more. Organizer John Wooten, cloud solutions architect and open technology strategist, is CEO and founder of CONSULTANT.


Mike Kavis4. Tampa Bay Cloud Computing User Group
Mike Kavis, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Tampa, FL

Organized by Mike Kavis, VP and principal architect at Cloud Technology Partners and contributor to Forbes and GigaOM, Tampa Bay Cloud Computing User Group boasts more than 250 “Cloudoneer” members. This Cloud Meetup covers topics from cloud security to hybrid clouds to scaling in the cloud to DevOps, and more. Tampa Bay Cloud Computing User Group explores all three cloud service models: SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.


David Chen5. Dallas Cloud Computing Meetup
David Chen, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Dallas, TX

David Chen is the founding partner and CEO of Ascension Technology Group, a vendor-neutral cloud advisory firm. He also serves as the organizer of the Dallas Cloud Computing Meetup, a Cloud Meetup that features the experiences of companies that use enterprise-grade cloud and the technologists who have extensive experience to be true cloud experts.


Michael Collier6. Central Ohio Cloud Computing User Group
Michael Collier, Organizer
Second Monday of Every Month
Columbus, OH

The Central Ohio Cloud Computing User Group (COCCUG) is organized by Michael Collier, a cloud solution architect at Microsoft. A community-driven Cloud Meetup, COCCUG meets regularly and its 300+ members discuss a variety of cloud computing ideas, problems, solutions, and technologies. COCCUG Meetup topics have included event-driven architecture as a key component to successful cloud-hosted solutions and when the cloud may not be the solution.


Ashley Kelnhofer7. The Chicago Cloud Computing Meetup Group
Ashley Kelnhofer, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Chicago, IL

The Chicago Cloud Computing Meetup Group, a Cloud Meetup of more than 1,225 cloud computing enthusiasts, is an informal professional group organized by Ashley Kelnhofer. Kelhnhofer is a marketing maven at Cloudbakers, a Chicago-area cloud solution provider. Her Cloud Meetup centers on the relationships, ideas, and innovation brought about by cloud computing and welcomes people of all backgrounds and experience to learn and network with one another.


Steve Staso8. LA Cloud Computing
Steve Staso, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Los Angeles, CA

LA Cloud Computing is organized by Steve Staso, a computing solutions strategist who works in cloud and converged infrastructure sales at HP. With more than 400 members, this Cloud Meetup gives participants a chance to explore cloud computing technologies, their implementation, and their use and business. Topics have included security in cloud deployments, data centers, virtualization, and more.


9. OC Cloud Computing Meetup
Chandra Devarajan, Organizer
Dates TBD
Santa Ana, CA

OC Cloud Computing Meetup


A fairly new Cloud Meetup, as it was founded in February 2015, OC Cloud Computing Meetup is organized by Chandra Devarajan, a certified cloud solutions architect and developer. OC Cloud Computing Meetup has already gained 50 members, who are referred to as “Cloudeeks,” and is open to southern California could enthusiasts of all abilities. Watch for the calendar of events to be released soon.


Andy Seltzer10. Santa Monica Cloud Computing Group – Footprints on the Moon
Andy Seltzer, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Santa Monica, CA

The Santa Monica Cloud Computing Group Meetup is intended for cloud enthusiasts who are “looking to push into uncharted territories of technology.” Organizer Andy Seltzer is a server, storage, cloud, and virtualization integrator who founded the Cloud Meetup to network with other cloud computing users and share their knowledge while building a cloud community.


Dayton Pruet11. Columbia Cloud Developers
Dayton Pruet, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Columbia, SC

Dayton Pruet started the Columbia Cloud Developers in the hopes of building a cloud community in Columbia, South Carolina, so that members could share their experiences with software and programming. He also hoped to help the local Columbia developer community expand while networking and sharing their knowledge and expertise in cloud computing.


Sebastian Stadil12. Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Group
Sebastian Stadil, Chief Organizer
Throughout the Year
Palo Alto, CA

One of the largest Cloud Meetups, the Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Group is organized by Sebastian Stadil, who is the founder at Scalr. This Cloud Meetup gives its more than 8,440 members the opportunity to learn how the cloud levels the competitive playing field and allows cloud computing professionals to stand among the largest corporations in the world.


Martin O'Kane13. Sacramento Cloud Computing and Virtualization Users Group
Martin O’Kane, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Sacramento, CA

Cloud Meetup organizer Martin O’Kane is a data center and cloud networking expert. His Sacramento Cloud Computing and Virtualization Users Group is open to any and all cloud computing and virtualization professionals in the Sacramento area. The more than 185 Cloud Meetup members share ideas and best practices regarding cloud computing, software defined networking, and data center automation in an open forum that often features industry experts and forward thinkers who present technology demonstrations, prompting discussion and debate.


Sumit Patel14. Bluemix – Detroit PaaS and Cloud Computing Meetup
Sumit Patel, Co-Organizer
Dates TBD
Southfield, MI

Founded very recently, Bluemix – Detroit PaaS and Cloud Computing Meetup is an IBM-sponsored PaaS group. This Cloud Meetup is best suited to developers, architects, and Cloud Foundry enthusiasts. Co-organizer Sumit Patel is a cloud advisor at IBM, and his planned Meetup topics include Bluemix services, predictive analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and hybrid computing, among others. Stay tuned for an updated calendar as this Cloud Meetup gets up and running.


Don Allen15. Dallas High Performance Computing (HPC) and Big Data Cloud
Don Allen, Organizer
Dates TBD
Dallas, TX

Dallas High Performance Computing (HPC) and Big Data Cloud is another brand new Cloud Meetup. Organizer Don Allen plans to use his more than 25 years of experience in data center solutions, cloud, IT, telecommunications, startups, and HPC and big data in discussions about big data and HPC solutions for media, oil and gas, engineering and manufacturing, medical, and other industries. Members of this Cloud Meetup also can expect to hear from speakers in the HPC, GPUs, public/private/hybrid cloud, cloud security, and other cloud-related fields. Check back for an updated calendar as the group expands.


Gary Gaessler16. All Things API: REST, Cloud, Integrations, Mashups & SaaS
Gary Gaessler, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Denver, CO

All Things API: REST, Cloud, Integrations, Mashups & SaaS, or simply “All Things API,” is a Cloud Meetup of more than 851 API Aficionados. An all-developer group, All Things API centers on issues with APIs, including security, management, and integration, in relation to REST, cloud, integrations, mashups, and SaaS. All Things API Cloud Meetup members also discuss how these innovative technologies impact business and organizations. Organizer Gary Gaessler is co-founder of Cloud Elements, an API management and integration platform.


Dj Das17. Big Data Cloud
Dj Das, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Santa Clara, CA

Founded in 2011, Big Data Cloud is a Cloud Meetup of 4,200+ members that is dedicated solely to big data and cloud computing. Dj Das, the Big Data Cloud Meetup organizer, is a big data evangelist who founded Third Eye Consulting Services to provide solutions and consulting services around Big Data. Das looks to help businesses, professionals, and individuals use big data and cloud computing by providing education and help through the Big Data Cloud Meetup and their events.


Jason Callaway18. Raleigh Open Source Cloud
Jason Callaway, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Raleigh, NC

Founded in April 2015, Raleigh Open Source Cloud already has nearly 300 members. The cloud enthusiasts who make up this Cloud Meetup are members of the Open Source Cloud Computing community. Developers, professionals, and researchers attend Raleigh Open Source Cloud Meetup events to learn, present, and strengthen the Open Source Cloud community; they also enjoy the craft beers. Organizer Jason Callaway is a senior solutions architect who spends the majority of his professional time on cloud, virtualization, and security.

Kim Martin Bannerman19. Atlanta Cloud Foundry Meetup
Kim Martin Bannerman, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Atlanta, GA

The Atlanta Cloud Foundry Meetup is a Cloud Meetup for those interested in Cloud Foundry and its ecosystem. Organizer Kim Martin Bannerman runs cloud evangelism programs at CenturyLink Cloud. This Cloud Meetup gives its 330+ members the opportunity to discuss Cloud Foundry’s critical elements and capabilities.


Reshmi Krishna20. Cloud Native New York
Reshmi Krishna
Dates TBD
New York, NY

Freshly founded in September 2015, Cloud Native New York already has 51 members. Organizer Reshmi Krishna is an associate field engineer at Pivotal and a software engineer who seeks to bring cloud natives together to discuss building and utilizing cloud-native application architectures and platforms. Topics include micro services, DevOps, container technologies, and platforms. Check back for the first announced Cloud Native New York Meetup, as the group continues to grow.


Rodney Teat21. Exploring Disruptive New Technologies Meetup Atlanta
Rodney Teat, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Roswell, GA

Organizer Rodney Teat is an IT professional who connects fellow IT professionals with technologies to help them transform their business operations. That’s why his Cloud Meetup, Exploring Disruptive New Technologies Meetup Atlanta features mostly events that center on new and disruptive technologies around cloud, virtualization, hyper-convergence, VDA, virtualization, and cybersecurity. IT professionals of all types – including CIOs, DevOps, IT managers, SysAdmins, network engineers, and database admins – are welcome.


Gary Landau22. Cloud Security Alliance, Los Angeles/SoCal Chapter
Gary Landau, Organizer
Second Wednesday of Every Month
Los Angeles, CA

IT leader Gary Landau has decades of technical and managerial experience. He’s putting it to good use as a Could Security Alliance chapter secretary and the organizer of the Cloud Security Alliance, Los Angeles/SoCal Chapter Meetup. With nearly 400 members, this Cloud Meetup promotes utilizing best practices for providing security assurance with cloud computing and educates members on using cloud computing for securing other forms of computing.


Vivek Ratna23. Dallas Fort Worth Cloud Computing Group
Vivek Ratna, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Irving, TX

Open to the public, Dallas Fort Worth Cloud Computing Group Meetups are organized by Vivek Ratna. Ratna has more than 30 years of experience in IT and focuses on could computing, BYOD, big data, and analytics, and his goal in creating this Cloud Meetup was to create a local Dallas Fort Worth cloud computing user group. Meetup topics include best practices, optimized compute environments, and the many services provided in the cloud.



Ignacio McBeatch24. New York City Cloud Academy
Ignacio McBeatch
Throughout the Year
New York, NY

A New York City-based Cloud community group, the New York City Cloud Academy gathers technologists who are interested in working with and learning more about cloud technologies. The group welcomes everyone from beginners to cloud experts. Organizer Ignacio McBeatch is an IT professional and co-founder of StrataScape Technologies, a top cloud advisory consultancy and brokerage helping companies reach their business goals by leveraging technology. This Cloud Meetup covers cloud strategy, IaaS and PaaS, DevOps, cloud security, IoT as it relates to the cloud, and several other topics relating to cloud technology.


Morris Wilder25. New York Cloud Computing Meetup
Morris Wilder, Organizer
Throughout the Year
New York, NY

Morris Wilder is a senior account executive who specializes in hosted solutions, cloud virtualization, and cloud orchestration. As the organizer of the New York Cloud Computing Meetup, Wilder seeks to help companies operate more efficiently, securely, and reliably by utilizing the cloud by bringing in technologists and speakers from companies who have experience and expertise in using the enterprise cloud.


Sergio De León26. Dallas Cloud Security Meetup
Sergio De León
Third Wednesday of Every Month
Dallas, TX

The Dallas Cloud Security Meetup is organized by Sergio De León of HOSTING Cloud Computing. This Cloud Meetup has nearly 150 cloud security professional members and is intended for anyone interested in cyber security, including information security officers, hackers, security experts, and beginners. The Meetup intends to educate members to mitigate threats and protect data by sharing everything from security basics to advanced practices. One thing that sets the Dallas Cloud Security Meetup apart is its relaxed environment that allows members to enjoy a beer and eat while discussing cyber crime.


Suzanna K. Litwin27. NYC Private and Hybrid Cloud User Group
Suzanna K. Litwin, Organizer
Throughout the Year
New York, NY

The NYC Private and Hybrid Cloud User Group is organized by Suzanna K. Litwin, a community engagement manager for HP Cloud. With nearly 130 members, this Cloud Meetup joins developers, architects, SysAdmins, DevOps pros, enterprises, and startups to share their private and hybrid cloud solutions. The NYC Private and Hybrid Cloud User Group welcomes just about anyone who wants to know more about the possibilities that private and hybrid clouds enable.


Ketan Kakkad28. Minnesota Cloud Computing
Ketan Kakkad
Throughout the Year
Minneapolis, MN

Ketan Kakkad is the organizer of the Minnesota Cloud Computing Meetup. An IT strategist with more than 20 years experience, Kakkad seeks to bolster Minnesota’s place in the technology world. He organized the Minnesota Cloud Computing Meetup “to build a local network where we can meet, share, and learn from each other about the risks and benefits of cloud computing, and discuss architectural best practices for achieving optimum results.” This Cloud Meetup focuses on broad strategies for leveraging cloud computing resources and not on a single provider for IaaS and PaaS cloud computing resources.


Tom Martin29. Cloud KC
Tom Martin
Throughout the Year
Kansas City, MO

Cloud KC is a Cloud Meetup made up of more than 250 members, or “those that talk Cloud.” Organizer Tom Martin is a product development manager for Codero Hosting with a special interest in all things cloud and development. Martin’s Cloud Meetup has one goal: to gather members to discuss, create, and improve the cloud while learning how “to build and improve an open source cloud computing structure from the ground up.”



Yuriy Brodskiy30. Cloud Platform at Symantec
Yuriy Brodskiy, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Mountain View, CA

Director of engineering and cloud at Symantec, Yuriy Brodskiy is the organizer of the Cloud Platform at Symantec Meetup. This Cloud Meetup includes more than 500 members and is open to anyone interested in building a secure, large-scale cloud platform. Discussions focus on the requirements and advancements necessary for adapting open source technology to handle enterprise use cases.


Kent Erickson31. Cloud Security Meetup Group
Kent Erickson, Co-Organizer
Throughout the Year
San Francisco, CA

Kent Erickson is VP of operations at CloudPassage, where he focuses on the cloud and security. His Cloud Meetup, Cloud Security Meetup Group, provides a space for security and cloud professionals to gather and have conversations about the concerns and security issues associated with the cloud. Cloud Security Meetup Group topics cover everything from broad cloud discussions to technical, educational sessions, and members are welcome to submit questions or topics for future Meetups.


Todd Stone32. North Dallas Cloud Computing Group
Todd Stone, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Addison, TX

More than 900 members, or Cloudites, belong to the North Dallas Cloud Computing Group, which is organized by Todd Stone. Stone is a software developer, user group leader, and regional speaker. This Cloud Meetup features educational seasons on learning how to use the could to make apps stronger, faster, more scalable, and more powerful. The North Dallas Cloud Computing Group welcomes all cloud technologies and covers various cloud topics at each event.


Ben Greenberg33. Cloud and Data Center Professionals
Ben Greenberg, Organizer
Throughout the Year
New York, NY

Cloud Meetup organizer Ben Greenberg is alliance director of the data center and could channel at Level 3 Communications. Greenberg’s Cloud Meetup, Cloud and Data Center Professionals, includes cloud computing experts who are enthusiastic about sharing ideas and networking with others in IT. This Cloud Meetup hosts free seminars and workshops for a variety of cloud services for group members. Cloud and Data Center Professionals also welcomes people who are new to the cloud or IT, or who are looking to learn more about moving to the cloud.


Jeremy Hajek34. Chicago Open Source Private Cloud Meetup
Jeremy Hajek, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Chicago, IL

The Chicago Open Source Private Cloud Meetup was founded in June 2015. Its 55+ members focus on the open source cloud. Cloud Meetup topics cover the operations involved in installing open source clouds, as well as the developer’s side of using internal cloud for building and deploying applications. Organizer Jeremy Hajek is a professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology whose area of expertise is operations and IT deployment, though he does research that centers on virtualization.


Alpesh Desai35. Atlanta Cloud and Big Data Meetup
Alpesh Desai, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Atlanta, GA

Alpesh Desai is an enterprise data analytics platform architect who currently serves as senior manager of big data architecture and development at Coca-Cola Enterprises. His Cloud Meetup, Atlanta Cloud and Big Data Meetup, is suited to anyone who is interested in big data and cloud computing. 105 Data Nerds strong, the Atlanta Cloud and Big Data Meetup offers discussion, presentation, and sharing of topics centering on big data technologies and how to run them in the cloud.


Jeff Kramer36. Austin Personal Cloud Group
Jeff Kramer, Assistant Organizer
Throughout the Year
Austin, TX

Austin Personal Cloud Group Meetup assistant organizer Jeff Kramer works in data infrastructure at Vox Media and has spoken about software bots and personal clouds at SXSW. He helps to organize the Austin Personal Cloud Group in order to foster personal cloud discussion, collaboration, and implementation in the Austin, Texas area. As such, this Cloud Meetup is “dedicated to envisioning, supporting, and creating personal clouds that allow individuals (as well as others) to control, interface, and integrate both their data and programs in a way that directly benefits them.”


Katherine Cook37. PNW Cloud Security & Compliance Meetup
Katherine Cook, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Seattle, WA

Katherine Cook is a partner marketing manager at Alert Logic. She also serves as the organizer of the PNW Cloud Security  & Compliance Meetup, which is open to anyone who wants to learn more about cloud security and compliance. A group of more than 80 Security Ninjas, the members of this Cloud Meetup are encouraged to present at one of the Meetup’s events.


Rishi Kumar38. What can CLOUD do for you?
Rishi Kumar, Organizer
Last Thursday of Every Month
Mountain View, CA

An informal professional Cloud Meetup, What can CLOUD do for you? focuses on developing relationships, exchanging ideas, and fostering cloud computing innovation. Organizer Rishi Kumar is a high-tech executive and engineer who has expertise in enterprise software. Kumar’s Cloud Meetup includes more than 135 CloudTechies who gather to discuss cloud-related news, best practices, tips, and more after they share dinner and experience a business or technical presentation.


Todd Nakamura39. NJ Cloud Architects
Todd Nakamura, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Morristown, NJ

Todd Nakamura is a software architect who has an affinity for the cloud and big data. He hopes NJ Cloud Architects is a Cloud Meetup that gives tech leaders the opportunity to discuss industry trends and the challenges facing their organization or project. One of the more regularly scheduled Cloud Meetups, NJ Cloud Architects covers a broad range of topics that all loop back to cloud computing and its associated technologies, such as Hadoop, big data, distributed computing, IoT, IaaS, and PaaS.


Stephen Spector40. Boise Cloud Computing Meetup
Stephen Spector, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Garden City, ID

Consisting of more than 210 members, or Cloud Idahoans, the Boise Cloud Computing Meetup is organized by Stephen Spector. Spector is an HP cloud evangelist and cloud computing and open source enthusiast who organized this Cloud Meetup to feature speakers on cloud topics based on members’ requests. The Boise Cloud Computing Meetup centers on all things cloud computing, including IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, proprietary cloud technologies, and open source technologies. Meetups change venues to accommodate attendees and have been known to occur at local pizza places.


Andrew Clay Shafer41. Bay Area Cloud Natives
Andrew Clay Shafer, Organizer
Dates TBD
San Francisco, CA

Andrew Clay Shafer is senior director of technology at Pivotal. He also is the organizer of the Bay Area Cloud Natives, a Cloud Meetup for developers and operators. Bay Area Cloud Natives was founded in July 2015 and already has 53 members who plan to discuss technology and implementation details, plus process and culture. Check back for an updated calendar of Meetups as the group continues to grow and schedules events.


Chris Sears42. Cloud Computing Atlanta
Chris Sears, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Atlanta, GA

At 1,320+ members, Cloud Computing Atlanta is the “braintrust of the Atlanta Cloud Computing community” and includes architects, developers, engineers, consultants, salespeople, and even those who are new to cloud computing. A vendor-neutral Cloud Meetup, Cloud Computing Atlanta remains vendor friendly and covers all topics related to cloud computing. Organizer Chris Sears is the senior systems engineer and “Cloud Guy” at Tintri.


Peter Benedict43. New Jersey Telecoms and Cloud Meetup
Peter Benedict, Organizer
Dates TBD
Summit, NJ

Founded in September 2015, New Jersey Telecoms and Cloud Meetup is a new Cloud Meetup serves as a networking event intended to join people from various networking technologies to meet. Organizer Peter Benedict hopes to make New Jersey Telecoms and Cloud Meetup a more formal Meetup with topics and presentations, if it expands; however, he sees this Cloud Meetup primarily as an even giving people the opportunity to meet and connect across the telecoms and cloud community. Benedict himself is a technologist and M&A banker who focuses on enterprise cloud, telecoms, and analytics.


Bilal Soylu44. Charlotte Cloud Computing
Bilal Soylu
Throughout the Year
Charlotte, NC

The Charlotte Cloud Computing Meetup is organized by Bilal Soylu, Verian’s Chief Technology Officer, who architects Verian’s suite of cloud-based spend management solutions. His Cloud Meetup consists of more than 390 members, and their goal is to involve developers, SysAdmins, and technologists in conversations about cloud computing. A Cloud Meetup that is language and technology agnostic, Charlotte Cloud Computing welcomes anyone interested in cloud computing, regardless of experience level.


Chetan Malavia45. Midwest Cloud Computing User Group
Chetan Malavia
Every Third Tuesday in Alternate Months
Lombard, IL

The Midwest Cloud Computing User Group’s members include IT professionals and managers, solutions architects, technical decision makers, developers, and architects. Organizer Chetan Malavia is CEO of Cloud 9 Infosystems, Inc., and focuses on building cloud computing products and providing services that leverage and integrate various cloud platforms. His Cloud Meetup features industry experts sharing ways to make cloud services fit into companies’ bigger pictures.


Matt Foster46. Happy Hour in the Cloud
Matt Foster, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Saint Cloud, MN

Happy Hour in the Cloud is the only cloud computing event available in central Minnesota. Founded in April 2015, this Cloud Meetup has garnered 50 members, or Cloudies, who are interested in learning about the latest cloud technology. Organizer Matt Foster is a CRM specialist and CEO of FosteringLLC, which specializes in Salesforce CRM, CRM implementation and consulting, data management, and developer services.


You can also search for Cloud Computing meetups in your area:  There are currently over 3,438 cloud computing meetups around the world, in over 700 cities in 90 countries with over 1 million members!