Top SysAdmin Meetups in the USA and Their Leaders

SysAdmins have so many responsibilities and wear so many professional hats that it is extremely helpful for them to gather with other SysAdmins and share their knowledge, questions, and frustrations. But, it may not be feasible for them to attend a conference for days at a time and hundreds of miles away. That’s where Meetups come in. Meetups typically are more informal and intimate than conferences and are scattered around the country. Some Meetups are held once a month, some are held periodically, and some exist more for online discussion than actual face-to-face meetings. No matter their schedule, Meetups provide SysAdmins with the opportunity to collaborate and network without carrying the hefty price tag or time commitment of a conference.

We have searched for SysAdmin Meetups and gathered our top 49 in the United States. We considered Meetup topics, speakers, locations, and written reviews to compile our list, but we also took the time to ensure that the SysAdmin Meetups on our list are led by some of the top organizations and individuals around. If you see a Meetup that looks interesting but not in your city – you could start your own!  We also could not possibly add every Meetup that would be relevant if you don’t see your topic here – search there might already be a Meetup in your town. We highlight the leaders so that you can get to know the people who are organizing and running the Meetups before deciding to attend yourself. Please note, we have listed our top 49 SysAdmin Meetups in the USA and their leaders here, in no particular order.

1. Seattle Area Systems Administrators Guild (SASAG)
Thomas Uphill, Co-Organizer
Second Thursday of Every Month
Seattle, WA

Thomas Uphill

A local group for SysAdmins in the Pacific Northwest area including Northwestern Washington and Seattle, Seattle Area Systems Administrators Guild (SASAG) is co-organized by Thomas Uphill. Uphill is an RHCA who specializes in Puppet, Python, RPM, and SELinux. Recent SASAG Meetups have covered picking your next SAN vendor and preventing, detecting, and mitigating threats, and SASAG Meetups typically target a technical focus of interest to network and SysAdmins. While SASAG is a League of Professional System Administrators (LOPSA) regional group and a local chapter of SAGE, you do not need to be a member of either to attend a SASAG Meetup.

2. SaltStack Chicago
Jeremy Alons, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Chicago, IL

Jeremy Alons

Jeremy Alons organizes SaltStack Chicago. A NIX SysAdmin, architect, and integrator, Alons also dabbles in DevOps and is a self-described “pseudo developer.” A SaltStack Certified Engineer, Alons uses Salt to handle configuration management and software deployments. He leads SaltStack Chicago, a Meetup for SysAdmins, site reliability engineers, data center operators, SaltStack customers, and others who have an interest in sharing SaltStack use case demonstrations, lessons learned, and best practices.



3. League of Professional System Administrators in NJ (LOPSA-NJ)
William Biliancio, Organizer
First Thursday of Every Month
Lawrence Township, NJ

William Bilancio

LOPSA-NJ is a users’ group for SysAdmins in the New Jersey area that is dedicated toward advancing the profession and practice of SysAdmins. The local chapter welcomes anyone that manages computer systems, including network managers, Windows and UNIX SysAdmins, and desktop support technicians, to come together to share experiences, solutions, tips, and techniques for addressing both the technical and professional issues associated with the field. Organizer William Bilancio is a SysAdmin with 25 years experience who works with Cisco, VMware, Linux, and Windows systems.


4. BayLISA
Dan McQueen, Organizer
Third Thursday of Every Month
Sunnyvale, CA

Dan McQueen

Dan McQueen has more than 10 years experience designing, implementing, optimizing, and administering large-scale Unix environments. Currently the Senior SysAdmin at NASA Ames Research Center, McQueen is the organizer of BayLISA Meetups in Sunnyvale, California. BayLISA (Bay Area Large Installation System Administration) has been supporting and educating SysAdmins, network admins, and other technology professionals in the Bay Area since the early 1990s. With monthly meetings, BayLISA is the place for discussing topics of interest for SysAdmins and managers of sites that support more than 100 users and/or computers.


5. Sysdrink
Nathan Milford, Organizer
New York, NY

Nathan Milford

Sysdrink, a group for SysAdmins, web ops engineers, and other engineers, is 502 members strong. A Meetup designed for members to “sit, drink and swap war stories, compare current headaches, and share ideas,” Sysdrink is protected by its organizers, who require requests for membership to be accompanied by a brief description of requestors’ interest in ops, or their SysAdmin background. Organizer Nathan Milford is director of infrastructure at ShutterStock, an Outbrain alum, and a DataStax MVP for Apache Cassandra.

6. Advancing Technology in Wilmington
Jason Ashby, Organizer
Third Thursday of Every Month
Wilmington, NC

Jason Ashby

Advancing Technology in Wilmington is a SysAdmin Meetup organized by Jason Ashby. Ashby is a Linux systems engineer, developer, and DevOps enthusiast. The Meetup is a group for anyone who shares Ashby’s enthusiasm for technoloyg, including SysAdmins, software developers, builders, and tech entrepreneurs. Meetups take place every month at tekMountain and involve beer, snacks, and socialization for sharing tech projects.



7. Seattle Ansible Meetup
Chris Livermore, Organizer
Second Tuesday of Every Month
Seattle, WA

Chris Livermore

Seattle Ansible Meetup is organized by Chris Livermore, a Linux SysAdmin who loves Ansible and the opportunity to be a SysAdmin, rather than a full-time developer. Seattle Ansible Meetup is for Linux SysAdmins “who want all the configuration management benefits without hitting the full-time coder wall that seems to happen with Puppet and Chef.” Seattle Ansible Meetups take place the second Tuesday of every month and include food and beer, a look into who is hiring, lightning rounds, feature presentations about Ansible, and an open floor discussion.

8. Tuscaloosa Web Professionals
Rachel Carden, Organizer
Tuscaloosa, AL

Rachel Carden

Rachel Carden is a higher ed web developer and organizer of the Tuscaloosa Web Professionals Meetup. Tuscaloosa Web Professionals is a Meetup open to anyone in the Tuscaloosa or surrounding area “who makes a living building the world wide web.” More specifically, Tuscaloosa Web Professionals Meetups are for SysAdmins, designers, coders, and other web-related specialists who want to network, collaborate, learn, and share their experiences and expertise.



9. OKC LUGnuts
Charlie Southerland, Organizer
Second Friday of Every Month
Oklahoma City, OK

Charles Southerland

OKC LUGnuts is a SysAdmin Meetup that meets the second Friday of every month in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Organized by Charlie Southerland, OKC LUGnuts is a Linux user group that appeals to SysAdmins from beginners to gurus. Discussions cover FLOSS news, useful apps, various Windows managers, and more related to Linux systems. Southerland is co-founder of Stuph Labs and a software developer at Who Is On My WiFi.



10. League of Professional System Administrators, Los Angeles (LOPSA-LA)
Aleksey Tsalolikhin, Organizer
Third Tuesday of Every Month
Los Angeles, CA

Aleksey Tsalolikhin

Aleksey Tsalolikhin, principal of Vertical Sysadmin, has more than 15 years experience as a SysAdmin and is “passionate about raising efficiency, happiness and quantity of system administrators to ensure a stable civilization.” He organizes League of Professional System Administrators, Los Angeles (LOPSA-LA), a Meetup that often consists of an informal dinner and/or technical presentation. LOPSA-LA provides a social and professional forum for Los Angeles-area SysAdmins and educates the community by providing professional instruction in system administration at conferences.


11. All Things Cloud
Nedu Rajagopal, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Cupertino, CA

Nedu Rajagopal

Nedumaran Rajagopal is the organizer of All Things Cloud, a SysAdmin Meetup in Cupertino, California. Rajagopal is an experienced architect and engineering manager who currently serves as a DevOps/DEC/Automation Engineering Manager at Apple. He organized All Things Cloud for DevOps, cloud architects, engineers, and SysAdmins to cover IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Docker, OpenStack, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, and more topics of interest to SysAdmins and other technology professionals.



12. CloudUpDMV
John Wooten, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Washington, DC

John Wooten

CloudUpDMV is a SysAdmin Meetup for cloud computing and open source technologists across the Washington, DC, Maryland, and northern Virginia areas. Members, or Cloud Punks, are defined as radical cloud architects, revolutionary coders and programmers, relentless SysAdmins, and rebels with an open source cause. Organizer John Wooten is CEO/Founder of CONSULTED, a cloud solutions architect and open technology strategist.



13. DevOpsATL
John Dyer, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Atlanta, GA

John Dyer

John Dyer is director of platform operations at Tropo, Inc., which is now part of Cisco. He has been the organizer of DevOpsATL since June 2015. This SysAdmin Meetup features DevOps and discussions about issues concerning SysAdmin, development, deployment, and operations. DevOpsATL includes Atlanta-area SysAdmins, developers, managers, and technology thought leaders “who have recognized the relationship between development and operations is toxic and fundamentally broken.” The Meetups vary and have included lightning talks, presentations, food and drinks.


14. OpenStack Seattle
Jesse Proudman, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Seattle, WA

Jesse Proudman

Jesse Proudman is founder and CTO of Blue Box and organizer of OpenStack Seattle. Blue Box plays host to the OpenStack Seattle Meetups, which focus on the OpenStack project for anyone interested in using, deploying, or contributing to OpenStack. OpenStack Seattle Meetup members include open source hackers, DevOps, SysAdmins, and other business and technology professionals.



15. Denver DevOps Meetup
Tavis Aitken, Organizer
Third Tuesday of Every Month
Denver, CO


A DevOps engineer at Shutterstock who enjoys programming and has expertise in PHP, Python, Puppet, Vagrant, and RMPS, Tavis Aitken is the organizer of Denver DevOps Meetup. Denver DevOps Meetup is for the SysAdmin and DevOps community in the Denver area. Held the third Tuesday of every month, Denver DevOps Meetups typically feature speakers who are thought leaders in various areas relating to DevOps and SysAdmins.



16. Phoenix Docker
Jeff Nickoloff, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Phoenix, AZ

Jeff Nickoloff

Organized by Jeff Nickoloff, a social and software engineer and author who prefers microservices and building products, Phoenix Docker is a SysAdmin Meetup that gives SysAdmins, developers, and ops engineers the chance to discuss all things Docker. Previous Phoenix Docker Meetups have featured presentations and hands-on labs with Docker. Check their Meetup calendar for upcoming dates, as Phoenix Docker holds their Meetups at various times throughout the year.



17. Denver SaltStack Users Group
David Anderson, Organizer
Brady Hardman, Co-Organizer
Throughout the Year
Denver, CO

Brady HardmanSponsored by Photobucket, Denver SaltStack Users Group is a Meetup for SysAdmins and DevOps professionals that calls the Photobucket headquarters its home location. Organizer David Anderson has expertise in Linux, virtualization, automation, networking, and security, and he uses SaltStack extensively in his company. Co-organizer Brady Hardman is an account executive for SaltStack. Both Anderson and Hardman seek to help SysAdmins and DevOps professionals, who use SaltStack for infrastructure and cloud automation, configuration management, application deployment, to meet and share their knowledge and expertise with other technology professionals at the Denver SaltStack Users Group Meetup.

18. Las Vegas Developers
Warner Onstine, Organizer
The Last Tuesday of Every Month
Las Vegas, NV

Warner Onstine

The Las Vegas Developers Meetup is organized by Warner Onstine, a software developer at Zappos with more than 16 years of professional experience that includes web development, usability, and UX design. Las Vegas Developers is a SysAdmin Meetup that is technology-agnostic for software developers and DevOPs as well. Las Vegas Developers Meetups include meet and greets, presentations, lightning talks, and more on topics of interest to SysAdmins and DevOps professionals.



19. Boston Security Meetup
Akshat Pradhan, Organizer
Second Thursday of Every Month
Boston, MA

Akshat Pradhan

Boston Security Meetup organizer Akshat Pradhan is product director at ComplianceChamp. He previously was a security director, a DevOps engineer, and a network administrator in the New England area. Boston Security Meetup is held the second Thursday of every month and includes hackers, engineers, SysAdmins, researchers, and developers. Discussions cover security processes and techniques, presentations feature security experts, and the Meetup features pizza, craft beers, and sangrias.



20. IT Professionals Near Phoenix Arizona
Will Bradley, Co-Organizer
Throughout the Year
Tempe, AZ

Will Bradley

Will Bradley, web developer and Hackerspace co-founder, is the the co-organizer of IT Professionals Near Phoenix Arizona. This Phoenix-area Meetup connects SysAdmins, IT managers, tech consultants, support staff, security analysts, and others who work in IT technology and are looking for support and collaboration with their peers.





21. Los Angeles CHEF Users Group
John Martin, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Los Angeles, CA

John Martin

Team Lead of Solutions Engineering at Chef, John Martin is the organizer of Los Angeles CHEF Users Group Meetup. Co-organizer Justin Dean is senior VP of TechOps at Ticketmaster. Together, Martin and Dean use their knowledge of and passion for CHEF to join together SysAdmins, systems engineers, configuration management, and DevOps pros to share experiences, tips, tricks, and more in relation to deploying and maintaining CHEF infrastructure. Check the calendar for the next Meetup, as Los Angeles CHEF Users Group Meetups occur at various times throughout the year.


22. sysadmins@SanFrancisco
Adam Compton, Organizer
Throughout the Year
San Francisco, CA

Adam ComptonOrganizer of sysadmins@SanFrancisco, Adam Compton has more than fifteen years of experience as a SysAdmin and in network administration. Compton currently is the engineering lead and manager of developer tools and open source czar at Quantcast. Among the more informal of the SysAdmin Meetups on our list, sysadmins@SanFrancisco meets because “sometimes you need to get together, drink beer, and talk shop.”




23. Milwaukee Perl Mongers
Steve Nolte, Organizer
Third Thursday of Every Month
Milwaukee, WI

Steve Nolte

Milwaukee Perl Mongers organizer Steve Nolte is the Perl development team lead at Assurant Specialty Property and a Perl hacker who “loves hearing about the latest technology trends in web development.”  The Milwaukee Perl Mongers Meetup invites SysAdmins, hackers, DevOps pros, and hobbyists who want to discuss Perl programming, CPAN modules, and more. Each meeting offers training sessions for beginners, followed by a presentation.



24. Greater Boston Software Testing Interest Group
Jean Ann Harrison, Event Organizer
Richard Cavallaro, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Boston, MA

Jean Ann Harrison

The Greater Boston Software Testing Interest Group is for everyone who is tasked with building and testing software or leading teams that do so, including developers and SysAdmins. Meetup event organizer Jean Ann Harrison specializes in mobile testing including devices, native apps, and web apps, and Meetup organizer Richard Cavallaro, president and founder of RJCadvisors, Inc., has extensive experience in best practices and iterative methods for testing and verifying applications quickly and accurately with the Oracle Application Testing Suite toolset. Harrison and Cavallaro encourage testers, managers, directors, VPs, developers, and SysAdmins to attend the Meetup to share and learn from one another.

25. Cincinnati DevOps Meetup
David L. Stacy, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Cincinnati, OH

David L. Stacy

David L. Stacy, a system administrator who has gone from working with Linux and Solaris to cloud computing and now to DevOps, is the organizer of Cincinnati DevOps Meetup. This SysAdmin Meetup is suited for SysAdmins, developers, managers, and other technology leaders who actively work on building tools, providing services, and architecting frameworks to assist and build a DevOps community.



26. NYC NetOps
Jason Edelman, Organizer
Date TBD
New York, NY

Jason Edelman

A fairly new SysAdmin Meetup, NYC NetOps will provide opportunities for SysAdmins and DevOps professionals at the network level. Even though it is targeted to network engineers, the NYC NetOps Meetup seeks SysAdmins to share lessons learned and the ways in which their infrastructures are being operationalized. The Meetup will focus on automation, programmability, DevOps, and innovative thinking about the network. Organizer Jason Edelman, founder of Network to Code, is a “long time network guy making the shift to treating the network as code, focused on all things network automation.”


27. L.A. RESTful API Working Group
Daniel Ice, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Los Angeles, CA

Daniel Ice

Founder of, Daniel Ice is the organizer of L.A. RESTful API Working Group. Ice is a seasoned developer with experience as an interim CTO, VP of technology, VP of engineering, and senior developer. L.A. RESTful API Working Group is a Meetup for SysAdmins, developers, and project managers that provides a language-agnostic group for discussing RESTful web services. Topics include how to structure services, best practices for CORS and JSONP, how to deploy or integrate API development into CI tools, and more. Creation and consumption are two key areas of focus in the L.A. RESTful API Working Group discussions.


28. Docker & Containers Madison
Timothy St. Clair, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Madison, WI

Timothy St. Clair

Docker & Containers Madison, a SysAdmin Meetup that provides a space to meet other developers and ops engineers who use Docker, is organized by Timothy St. Clair. St. Clair has been a principal software engineer with experience in development and integration of various distributed systems including Mesos, Tachyon, Condor, and Hadoop. Self-described as “a Huge Fan of Docker,” St. Clair puts his experience with and passion for Docker to good use while organizing the Docker & Containers Madison Meetups. Past Meetup topics have included an overview of etcd and its use in container orchestration, running containers and micro services on kubernetes, and group hacking to get things running on Docker.

29. Williamson County TechOps Group
Justin Dean, Organizer
Date TBD
Georgetown, TX

Justin Dean

A relatively new Meetup, Williamson County TechOps Group is organized by Justin Dean, senior VP of TechOps at Ticketmaster. Dean is looking for SysAdmins, systems engineers, Linux admins, and members of tech ops teams who want to meet with others about technologies and how they are using them. As the group grows, Meetups will be scheduled to give members the opportunity to meet and share ideas about what is working and what isn’t in their experience with CHEF, Puppet, Ansible, Docker, open source, storage platforms, and other technology topics of interest to SysAdmins.

30. OC Cloud Computing Meetup
Chandra Devarajan
Date TBD
Santa Ana, CA

OC Cloud Computing Meetup

Founded in January 2015 by Chandra Devarajan, an architect and developer who implements cloud-based solutions, OC Cloud Computing Meetup is open to SysAdmins, developers, DevOps, managers, students, and others who an enthusiastic about the cloud. Specifically, OC Cloud Computing Meetup will focus on using cloud-based solutions using Google Cloud, BlueMix, and Azure, among others.

31. DevOpsDays – Rockies
Jason Hand
Date TBD
Denver, CO

Jason Hand

Jason Hand organized the DevOpsDays – Rockies Meetup ahead of DevOpsDays – Rockies in April 2015. A self-proclaimed DevOps evangelist for VictorOps, author, and organizer of DevOpsDays – Rockies, Hand seeks SysAdmins, developers, and others involved in technology to join the Meetup and share their experiences in how agile techniques are impacting operations and the ways in which virtualization and automation are turning operations and SysAdmins into programmers.



32. Yet Another Trans Tech Group
Tom Léger, Organizer
Date TBD
New York, NY

Tom Leger

Yet Another Trans Tech Group (YATTG) is a brand new SysAdmin Meetup for transgender, genderqueer, and non-binary people who are SysAdmins, programmers, engineers, developers, coders, data scientists, or DevOps pros. As the group grows, organizer Tom Léger and co-organizers Amelia Gapin and Zoe Gagnon will schedule the first Meetup. Léger has 15 years of experience in tech.



33. Cleveland Linux User Group
James Gifford, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Cleveland, OH

James Gifford

Cleveland Linux User Group Meetup is for SysAdmins, Linux users, server admins, and other who are involved with Linux. Topics include GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, and the like, and the next two scheduled Meetups are slated to cover owning data with OwnCloud and Amazon EC2. Organizer James Gifford is a software developer and IT administrator who has an affinity for Ubuntu.



34. Spokane Linux Users Group
Ryan Deville, Organizer
Chris Gimmett, Co-Organizer
Date TBD
Spokane, WA

Chris Grimmett

Ryan Deville is the organizer, along with Chris Gimmett, co-organizer, of Spokane Linux Users Group. A new Meetup, Spokane Linux Users Group formed in July 2015 and will determine a Meetup location as more members join. Intended for Linux SysAdmins and free and open source software developers and lovers, Spokane Linux Users Group promises to be friendly, with beer, Linux laptops, open discussions, and all things Linux and FOSS.



35. SF Bay Area Large-Scale Production Engineering

Ian Flint, Organizer
Chris Westin, Co-Organizer
Throughout the year
Sunnyvale, CA

Chris Westin

The SF Bay Area Large-Scale Production Engineering Meetup gives members the opportunity to meet with SysAdmins and engineers who deal with large-scale system reliability, scalability, and efficiency. Most of the Meetups include a free technical presentation and an open forum for questions. Organizer Ian Flint and co-organizer Chris Westin have made the Meetup the place to be for SysAdmins and engineers who deal with large-scale web application architecture, capacity planning, monitoring, configuration management, and software distribution.



36. Exploring Disruptive New Technologies Meetup Atlanta
Rodney Teat, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Roswell, GA

Rodney Teat

Exploring Disruptive New Technologies Meetup Atlanta is a SysAdmin Meetup organized by Rodney Teat, senior level  technology infrastructure consultant at Datatrend Technologies. Meetups feature new and disruptive technologies and are open to all IT professionals, including CIOs, DevOps, IT managers, network engineers, database admins, and of course SysAdmins.




37. Sysdig Meetup Group
Chris Crane, Organizer
Throughout the Year
San Francisco, CA

Chris Crane

COO of Sysdig, Chris Crane organizes the Sysdig Meetup Group, which meets throughout the year in San Francisco, California. Prior to this work at Sysdig, Crane was a director of product management, senior associate consultant, and freelance developer. Now, he works to provide a forum at the Sysdig Meeup Group for the creators of Sysdig and other DevOps, tech pros, and SysAdmins who use Sysdig. Discussions will include system troubleshooting, forensics, Linux internals, Sysdit beginners tutorials, and advanced topics for the most senior sys dig experts.



38. Orange County DevOps Meetup
Matt Chung, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Garden Grove, CA

Matt Chung



Most recently a DevOps engineer at Whalerock Industries, and the director of DevOps and technical operations at Fox Networks Group, Matt Chung is the organizer of the Orange County DevOps Meetup. This SysAdmin Meetup is perfect for traditional SysAdmins who are transitioning into DevOps and developers who are responsible for infrastructure management.


39. DC Technology Ops
Mary H., Organizer
Throughout the Year
Washington, DC


Mary H.

As a junior SysAdmin at Catholic University, Mary H. was interested in meeting other SysAdmins who work in the DC metro area. That’s why, in March 2015, she organized DC Technology Ops, a Meetup that features casual discussions for SysAdmins and other IT professionals who are interested in SysAdmin, end-user support, networking, data center, security, and other technology infrastructure and operations topics.


40. LunchOps SF
Max Griffiths, Organizer
Throughout the Year
San Francisco, CA

Max Griffiths

Max Griffiths, a self-described “tech-o-phile,” is a British DevOps pro who organized the LunchOps SF Meetup in San Francisco, California, for SysAdmins, DevOps, and other tech professionals. He describes LunchOps SF as “a safe space engineered around food to allow people to break bread and compare success and failure by people from a wide variety of companies and tech environments.” The LunchOps SF Meetups take place throughout the year, so be sure to check the calendar.



41. Orlando MongoDB User Group

Bill Kunneke, Organizer
First Thursday of Every Month
Orlando, FL

Bill Kunneke

Bill Kunneke, application development manager at AAA, has more than 20 years experience as an IT professional in software development. He organized Orlando MongoDB User Group in July 2015 and has scheduled the very first Meetup for September 3. The Meetup is intended for SysAdmins, developers, and other tech enthusiasts who want to learn more about MongoDB, a leading NoSQL database.




42. Greater Philadelphia Mac Admins
Sergio Aviles, Organizer
Third Thursday of Every Month
Philadelphia, PA

Sergio Aviles

Sergio Aviles is a Mac SysAdmin for Comcast Corporation, so he manages more than 3,000 Macs and a combination of paid and OSS software. He organized the Greater Philadelphia Mac Admins Meetup for SysAdmins who support or manage a group of Mac or iOS devices of any size for any institution in the greater Philadlephia area. Members of this SysAdmin Meetup share ideas, solutions, network, and enjoy one another’s company on the third Thursday of every month.



43. MacAdmin Monthly
Edward Marczak, Organizer
Second Tuesday of Every Month
New York, NY

Edward Marczak

Organized by Edward Marczak, co-founder of the MacTech Conference, Mac team member at Google, columnist for MacTech Magazine, and author of two Mac administration books, MacAdmin Monthly is a SysAdmin Meetup to help SysAdmins administer large deployments of Macs and iOS devices. This SysAdmin Meetup gives members the opportunity to share questions and frustrations, as well as solutions, that are unique to Apple technology.




44. SharePoint Technology Meetup – Alpharetta Johns Creek
Soumya Bhattacharyya, Organizer
Every Saturday
Alpharetta, GA

Soumya Bhattacharyya

Sharepoint Administrator at RockTenn, Soumya Bhattacharyya organizes SharePoint Technology Meetup – Alpharetta Johns Creek. The weekly sessions give SysAdmins and other developers from the beginner to the intermediate level the opportunity to meet frequently face-to-face to discuss SharePoint, ask questions, and share their knowledge.




45. Los Angeles Microsoft Exchange Server User Group (LAExUG)
Prabhat Nigam, Organizer
Second Wednesday of Every Month
Los Angeles, CA

Prabhat Nigam

Los Angeles Microsoft Exchange Server User Group (LAExUG) organizer Prabhat Nigam works as a Microsoft architect and helps design, implement, and manage solutions in the private messaging cloud. LAExUG is a SysAdmin Meetup that is appropriate for IT professionals, CIOs, CTOs, messaging admins, messaging architects, SysAdmins, infrastructure architects, and others interested in learning Microsoft Exchange Server and Office 365. Founded in August 2015, the Meetup’s first session will take place Sept. 9.



46. ChicagoLand SharePoint Users Group
Greg Contreras
Throughout the Year
Chicago, IL

Greg Contreras

Organized by Greg Contreras, a SharePoint/ECM enthusiast who seeks “to help companies go paperless one cloud at a time,” ChicagoLand SharePoint Users Group is a Meetup that focuses on the business applications advantages of SharePoint. Suited for SysAdmins, users, managers, directors, principals, C-level executives, and business owners, ChicagoLand SharePoint Users Group is a Meetup that will help members see the value of using SharePoint as a key business strategy.


47. Cleveland Drupal User Group
Jeff Schuler, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Cleveland, OH

Jeff Schuler

The Cleveland Drupal User Group is a SysAdmin Meetup for Drupal users, admins, developers, and anyone else looking to learn more about Drupal in the Cleveland area. Previous Cleveland Drupal User Group sessions have covered how to become a media and flex slider guru, HTML email in Drupal, and others of interest to SysAdmins. Organizer Jeff Schuler is a web developer/consultant at Substrate Websoft and a Drupal and Civic Hacking Meetups organizer.



48. Splunk Boston User Group
Tom Smit, Organizer
Throughout the Year
Cambridge, MA

Tom Smit

Tom Smit organized the Splunk Boston User Group Meetup to give members the opportunity to learn from SysAdmins, system engineers, and security specialists in order “to better utilize Splunk to gain operational intelligence company-wide.” Specific goals of the SysAdmin Meetup are to help members discover more data in their organizations and to leverage log files for clearer insights. Smit has more than 15 years of experience in development, QA, support, and software sales engineering.



Throughout the Year
Cambridge, MA

BBLisa Banner

BBLISA was founded in July 1992 to provide a forum for meetings and presentations of interest to system and network administrators in Boston, MA, and the surrounding areas.
While “LISA” stands for Large Installation System Administration, BBLISA is for administrators of both large and small networks.
Membership in the group is free and becoming a member is as easy as subscribing to one of our mailing lists.The name Back Bay LISA was adopted after the sister organization “Bay LISA“, in the San Francisco bay area. Back Bay is an area of Boston, and Boston being back east and also on a bay made the name seem appropriate.

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